Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, Monday

Had a normal busy Monday at work. Mondays are usually full of meetings and paperwork. I work in a semi-governmental agency and there's always a lot of crap paperwork and BS to fight through. We are grossly under-funded and therefore understaffed. Not much I can do - I try to keep my head above water and keep my staff informed. I support a large IT Financials package (think "The _____ of Delphi") and I have a large user community to keep happy. At the moment, they all lurve me. That could change in an instant - some folks are ones you don't turn your back on.

Anywho, I got home after work and grabbed 2 of the Stooges to find clothing to wear to my brother's wedding. We are soooooo tight on funds right now and it's a problem to find good things for kids who tear up their clothes. So I took Larry and Curly (along with their cousin Amy, who lives around the corner) to the best of the local thrift stores. (Moe was at Boy Scouts.) I felt if we could find an appropriate suit jacket there for the boys, even if it needs to be tailored, it would be a better deal than buying a new one.

And we had success! Curly found a suit that fits him almost perfectly! Bonus - this store has half off their cheap prices on Mondays. So Curly's black suit cost $15 - here it is. Note the footwear.
Larry is tougher to fit. He's a bigger build, taller and chunkier with broad shoulders and big biceps. He found some ugly items that I would not purchase. One was a chocolate brown 3 piece suit, one with big cream stripes that looked like something Morris Day would wear. (You remember him from the movie Purple Rain.) It looked like a pimp suit - and Larry called it that. I finally compromised with Larry on a charcoal grey suit with lighter stripes, one that's cut more squared off at the bottom than his conservative mom prefers. But it was ok, and cost only $35. Larry's suit will need to have a bit of tailoring, but not much, mostly sleeves. Amy (who's not going to the wedding - she's DH's niece) found a pair of jeans for a whopping $1.50. So success all around!

(I love a bargain. It's my Scots heritage. I can't help it.)

I haven't had much time to tat, but I did get the first corner turned in the fourth amd final round. I'm pleased. It's looking quite pretty, I think.

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