Sunday, August 30, 2009

Other residents of my home

DH, the Stooges and I are not the residents of La Maison du Psycho. We have four-footed furry critters too. We are owned by cats.

DH and I have had as many as 6 cats at one time. Before we had Larry, we had 5 cats, four of whom slept on the bed with us. The fifth cat slept underneath the bed because she didn't get along with the others (she was a calico - need I say more?). But at the moment we have three kitties. I lurve my kitties.

Sylvia is really Larry's cat. She was dumped in front of a pet store, and Larry rescued her. We think she was about 2 weeks old. Larry bottle fed her around the clock. I didn't think she would live, but she did. Here she is as a little kitten:

Tiny and cute, huh? She got a lot bigger. Sylvia is now a very beautiful and porky 2 year old cat. She has an odd double layer coat, with a long rough black outer layer and a soft light silvery undercoat. Gorgeous. Sylvia wants to be Top Cat, but she's not. She is somewhat socially deficient because she did not have a kitty momma, only a Stooge who liked to play roughly with her. The other cats don't care for her, and all the Stooges say she is BAD. She will bite the snot out of you. But she thinks this is the way to show affection. (She does love me - she will sit on me and purr and rub on my face for a while before biting.) If only she was as good as she is pretty.....

Cisco is my only boy kitty. He loves me soooo much. He's a big handsome boy, about 4 years old and 20 lbs. He's so soft and silky. He spends a lot of time grooming - that white fur doesn't stay that way on its own! Cisco is not a lap cat (except occasionally on my lap) but he truly adores sleeping in my bed, especially if DH is out of town. He is the Top Cat in the house. And he hunts - a lot. One Easter morning he brought us a present of a dead baby rabbit. Yes, Cisco killed the Easter Bunny.

Sophie is my tiny white girl. She is very petite 2 year old girl - about five pounds - and a very subservient cat. She is happy to be the Bottom Cat. Sophie is happy to be any place where people will be kind to her. She gets ridiculously happy when petted and drools a lot, and then she shakes her head and drool flies everywhere! She likes to get into small containers and sleep. Sophie spends time with Cisco and will groom him. Consequently, she is allowed to eat when Cisco eats canned kitty food. Sylvia must wait until they other two are finished. Unfortunately, Sophie was not blessed in the brains category. Sophie is a bit dim. OK, a lot dim. She is a very dim bulb. But soooo sweet!

The Stooges love to have Fun With Laser Pointers and amuse the cats. The boys get no end of joy out of this, and the cats get a lot of exercise. They will all participate in their own way. Sylvia gets the most pleasure out of this.

I've taken a little break from the hanky to make a quick split-ring edging for a lavender shirt. I'm using the Lizbeth Caribbean,

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  1. I have your kitties twins! :p
    My boy, Kouga, has a bit more black along his back than yours, but my girl, Misty is exactly the same coloring as your white one. Misty is a siamese seal point and they say Kouga is a Himilayin mix. Beautiful animals.