Sunday, September 13, 2009

more of Tat Days 2009

I took four classes at Tat Days.

The first class was with Martha. She is soooo sweet - and talented! (I'm sorry for the bad picture, Martha!) She's good at explaining things. We worked on an amulet bag shaped like a bee.

I didn't finish mine in class (no one did). I hadn't brought a size 16 crochet hook to add beads to the long picots, so I was behind. I bought one in vending. I'll finish this later - the bag is really cute.

The next class was with Sharren. She knows my uncle! We worked on a cute pattern to make a tatted edging for a frame. She also showed us how to use a mirror to create our own corners in patterns we design. Georgia was also in this class. If you've never met Georgia in person before, you're really missing something. She's so warm and loving, just a gem. And she drives a car with AKTATTER on the license plate!

Then I had a class with Jane. (Look in the bottom left corner of her picture - her purse is covered in tatting!) We made cute little critters using 3 shuttles, a new technique for me. I learned how to make Celtic picots too. Jane is such fun. At lunch, I sat at the table with Jane and another teacher, Vicki. We laughed a lot. Jane told us about winning at Corn Hole. One of the items that Jane was wearing on her name tag was a gift from Martha. Martha had tatted her a brain cell to replace her missing 3rd one. It looked like a large synapse and was beaded - hee!

After lunch, I took a class with Nina. I took one of her classes last year, and loved it, but I had a harder time with her techniques. Now I'm better and I came closer to finishing the project in class. We were making a heavily beaded necklace - oh so beautiful. I may wear it to my brother's wedding.
Nina liked one of my shuttles (the gold one here) very much, saying how good it was for her kind of tatting. This shuttle is one I got last year and is made by Jan Stawasz. Nina's work is simply incredible, looks just like fabulous stuff made of gems and gold when finished.

There were lots of things available in Vending which we looked at between classes. Many books, TONS of thread, and almost anything a tatter could want. Except extra time - and money! I spent way too much here....

More later...


  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! I would have loved to attend... so much inspiration!

  2. Lucky you! How fun to be able to attend! :)
    Thanks for the photos.

    ~TattingChic ♥

  3. I enjoyed your post and reading about Tat Days! Oh what fun to meet so many tatters in one place!

  4. I enjoyed that post so much, thanks.