Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ten things that are deeply wrong with me

This meme is stolen from Jen (OMG you should see her knitting!), Blackbird, and Badger. I recommend them all.

1. I like Flannel Sheets. By this, I mean that I use flannel sheets on my bed all year round. DH does not object. I do this despite the fact that I live in Hotlanta. Air conditioning is a wonderful thing.

2. While we have a dog (and she really is a sweet dog), I don't like dogs. I hate dog lick. I hate doggy smells. I don't wish to own a dog ever ever again. Oddly, I don't mind watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show and can identify most breeds. I will always have a cat though.

3. I don't like coffee. Really. Smells great, tastes nasty.

4. I like to turn up the volume on the music and sing harmony to everything when I'm in the car alone. Loudly.

5. I also don't like peaches, okra in any form (except fried), and raw tomatoes, except in salsa. Not sure why - it may be a texture thing. Okra is really slimy. Stewed tomatoes and okra makes me gag. The sole exception to this is if I am served a plate with any of these items at someone's home. Then I will politely eat one. Because my momma raised me to be a lady, and I don't wish to offend.

6. I will fart and fan the covers unabashedly in my own bed. And if it's stinky, I can't stop laughing. I shake the bed. This proves that I am not a lady, at least not where flatulence is concerned. My momma must be so ashamed.

7. Too much chocolate makes me fart. Mmmm, chocolate.

8. I am a news junkie. I scour many news sources every day. NY Times, CNN, Washington Post, my own crappy paper, TV sites, you name it. Gotta have it.

9. I like a good dirty or off-color joke. Fun is fun. I am known for my wicked sense of humor.

10. I think God must have had a great sense of humor. After all, He invented men, who have that weird fleshy appendage and not much sense.

In other news, my MIL went home today. Alive and undamaged. Thank you, Jeebus.


  1. Glad you survived the MIL with your sense of humor intact.
    I enjoyed your list.
    p.s. I have some of the same things wrong (are you so sure they are wrong?) with me.

  2. Haha! You are too funny. I'm with you on every single one of those things (especially #2) except number one. I think I'd rather sleep on the floor (with a stinky dog) than sleep on a flannel sheet!

  3. that is just too funny... I can so relate to many of those. Except for #2 I love dogs but hate cats... I love your blog

  4. I'm so sorry I didn't meet up with you at Tat Days at least I don't think I did (I was the itchy tatter who went to the emergency room rather than the banquet)
    My mom, unfortunately for me, could not stop laughing at farts,fart jokes,farting noises-so of course I inherited that, and from my dad a very gassy digestive system so I can keep myself in a giggle fest for hours.