Friday, November 6, 2009

Crazy Mom's Bookmark Three Ways

I've got a new tatted bookmark pattern for you.  I've done it a ton of times.  It's simple, all rings and chains.

I tatted this in Lizbeth size 20.  It tatted up to just over six inches.

The pattern is designed to be tatted three different ways.

Here are the variations - going from fluffy to smooth.

Want to tat it?  My pattern is here.

It looks good with a ribbon through it, too.

Tip - if you tat this bookmark with an odd number of rings on each side, the ribbon looks better, finishing and ending on the same side.



  1. Easy?!? It doesn't look that way to me. I am so impressed with you tatters.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful bookmark pattern. I can't wait to try it. It is soooo pretty! What a great way to try out my many new Lizbeth colors!!

  3. Oh, you are sweet to share your pattern! I am so glad you got yourself a tatting blog!

  4. what a beautiful bookmark! it's so delicate-looking. thank you for sharing the pattern -- i hope to use it sometime!

  5. I have a question about the pattern...what does CTM stand for? I've been tatting for only a month and am still learning all the terminology. :)

  6. Cindy - CTM is Continuous thread Method - two shuttles wound using a continuous thread, no cuts