Sunday, November 8, 2009

New necklace

I whipped up this little goodie this week. mostly while riding the train.  (See, I use my time wisely.)

It's super simple - I tatted it in DMC Perle 8 with size 10 glass beads and a magnetic clasp.  The pendant is one I found at Michael's - it's by Blue Moon. 

The basic pattern is R 4-4-4-4, with a little bead at the top of the ring.  The chain is 4-4, with a bead in the only picot.  Too simple for words.  I did use a SCMR to attach the pendant - all done with chains of 4 ds separated by a bead, until it was long enough to attach the pendant.  True confessions - I took the ball thread off the shuttle here and threaded it through the hole in the pendant before closing the SCMR.  I am not as fine a tatter as Queen Jane, who I'm sure would have come to a better solution.

I'm very pleased with my necklace.  It's very light and super cute. I wore it to church this morning, and on the way there I said, "I'm really diggin' my new necklace."  Moe said, "It's a good thing it's not diggin' into your neck."  Hee.


  1. Queen Jane indeed!!! More like Old Git!!!! Doubt I'd ever find another way of doing that attachment!!!! Fastest and simplest is the best method and you found that!!!!

  2. Fine, OG - but you are far better than I'll ever be. Yup, it was the simplest, and I was close to being out of thread, so cutting and threading the ball thread through the pendant at the time was no big deal.

  3. Beautiful necklace. The color thread you used is a great match to the pendant. I have some of these lampwork beads, I love how they look. Great Job!!

  4. I love the necklace. Nicely done.