Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick update

It's been pretty busy here at chez Crazy Mom.  Here's a quick rundown on activities.

DH is coming home today after being out of town all week. He left me to ride herd on the Stooges solo.  And I'll do it again next week.  Ugh.

Curly had a big chorus concert on Tuesday night.  It was really quite good.  The kids sang and danced in a lot of numbers.  Some of the performers were really good - one gal gave me chills when she was belting "When You Believe".  Curly had a big solo in the last number, singing Jouney's "Don't Stop Believin'" using the same arrangement used in the pilot episode of Glee.  He did a good job and got a lot of accolades.  Yea, Curly!

The happy times with Curly didn't last.  Wednesday night we had a big row about his chores, which he had disdained for several nights in favor of practicing for the concert.  Seems that now Curly realized that not doing homework (and he's hardly done any homework all term) might make him fail his British Literature class, which he has to have to graduate in May.  I had told him Wednesday morning that I expected to have these chores done by the time I got home that night, and I laid into him when they weren't done.  Curly informed me that doing his homework (in crisis mode) was the most important thing right now, and I was "borderline retarded" for expecting him to do chores at this point.  You know, with his self-made homework crisis and everything.  And when he flat out refused to do the chores, I turned off his cell phone.  Much screaming and yelling ensued.  Good times.

Yesterday I got a happy phone call from the vice principal of the middle school about Moe.  Moe has been horsing around a lot lately.  He likes to get people, including teachers, to high-five him in the halls.  When a teacher didn't high-five him, Moe punched the teacher in the arm.  He didn't hit him hard, but that's not something a kid should do.  The vice principal was really nice about this and described Moe as "not having a mean bone in his body" (and that's true), but she still had to suspend him for one day.  He's home cleaning the house.


We did have an UP moment this week.  Larry took his EMT-I exam last Friday. He took it once before, and didn't pass.  (An EMT-I is one of the guys in the ambulance, one certification below paramedic.) Larry got word yesterday that he passed the written exam!  This exam has a high fail rate, 60-70% failing.  He's got to go a take the hands-on portion, which somehow they didn't have a record of him taking before (which he did - and passed) but that's not a problem to take again.  So, soon Larry can go get a real job, one that pays enough to actually support himself.  The big hospital in Atlanta, Grady, is hiring at this level.  I hope he gets a job soon.  I'm excited for him.  Go Larry!

Work is yuck, but I've had a productive week.  My boss has not had time to deal with my problem employee, but I hope to have that resolved soon.  I've been humping it on the job, churning out tons of documentation and reports and solving a lot of problems.  Believe me, they get their pound of flesh.

Found out this week I could be laid off in July.  There's a real possibility that 25-30% of my company will be cut then, due to the economy and funding issues.  I can't think about that right now.  Can't go there.

I'm tatting Christmas ornaments and another necklace.  This one's a Christmas present for a sister, done in navy thread with two kinds of silver beads.  Pictures coming...

Oh - don't forget about LadyShuttleMaker's latest giveaway.  She's giving away a beautiful watercolor that she painted!  Check it out!

Tomorrow - taking Curly to his psychiatrist, always a favorite.  Woo-hoo!

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  1. Gawd, your family is SO normal. Brings back memories of me struggling with full time work, two kids and a (now well ex) husband who was NEVER there. I adore Curly.