Friday, February 5, 2010

Show and Tell

Today for your amusement, I present my refrigerator, in all its glory.

This is not a new 'frig.  It's a side by side GE, bought in October of 1998.  (The only reason I remember the date is I had to buy all new appliances at once, as we were moving back into our home - rebuilt after a house fire.)  So it's a bit elderly.  And crappy.

First - the outside.

Note that it is covered in magnets and crappe.  DH loves magnets.  He sticks them all on the 'frig.  The handle is chipped and the whole thing could stand to be whipped down.

Some of the stuff on the outside:
  • A - A troll magnet Mom brought back from a trip to Norway.
  • B - Several Napolean Dynamite magnets ("My lips hurt real bad!")
  • C - A weird card advertising a movie called Crustacean, plus a ComicCon advertisement
  • D - A tatted heart magnet that I made
OK - now for the real horror - the INSIDE:

Here it is, folks.  Don't you feel better about your own housekeeping?

Items of note:
  • A - Some kind of disgusting nacho cheese in a squeeze bottle, courtesy of DH
  • B - Eggs, mostly free range - both duck and chicken
  • C - My personal vice, chunky chicken salad.  This brand tastes homemade.  Mmmm
  • D - My skinny bread for sandwiches.  Everyone else uses regular bread.
  • E - Leftover spaghetti, next to the other bread
  • F - Opened packages of bologna and hot dogs.  Curly and Moe eat them straight.  There are also plastic-y packages of a cheese-like product that they enjoy.
  • G - Milk.  I get 2 gallons on Sundays.  This was taken Monday night.  The Stooges drink a lot of milk. I'm going back to the store today to make it through 'til Sunday afternoon shopping.
  • H - Pre-made salads and lots of them.  Some are my lunches
  • the other H (oops!) - Buttery stuff, lotsa squeezy buttery stuff.  And some actual butter.
  • I - Meat.  Rather, beer brats.  Meat, it's what's for dinner.  (DH throws almost all the meat into the freezer when I come home from the grocery, so you're lucky to see this.  I use the defrost setting on the microwave a LOT.)
  • W - Weird condiments like fast food salad dressings that DH brings home
  • X - Loads O' Condiments
  • Y - Some things that are actually good for you - fresh fruits and veggies
  • Z - Filth.  Probably where Kool-aid was spilled by the Stooges.
Noteably absent:
  • Alcohol of any kind - we don't drink much.  Plus, having alcohol available to a bi-polar teen is like throwing gasoline on a fire.  DH likes vodka (Curly doesn't), but he keeps that in the freezer.
  • Soda - that's in a little refrigerator in the garage.  We've cut way back.  There is tea and kool-aid.  I drink tap water.
  • Finer foods.  We are plain.  And NOT wealthy.  I buy a lot of generics.  And my grocery bill is outrageous, as 1) teen boys eat a LOT and 2) we don't eat out, at least not much.  Once a month.
I refuse to show you the freezer.  It scares even me.

My buddy Blackbird is showing off her refrigerator today too - so go on over and see if she's posted yet.  I love Blackbird.  And I promise, her 'frig will be a more healthy one.

So - what's in your 'frig?  I showed you mine - show me yours!

PS - Go see Keetha's frig too! And now Priscilla!


  1. I'm playing along! I came here from Say La Vee.

    We may be kindred spirits - I mentioned chicken salad, too.

    Enjoyed the glimpse at the fridge!

  2. Now I want some chunky chicken salad.

  3. OK, so I jumped over to Blackbird's blog to check out the fridge and couldn't stop reading her posts. Both of you have such a unique style of writing. I was sitting at my desk laughing so hard there were tears streaming down my face and I was praying that no one came in for technical advice right then!

    Who would have thought peeking into another's fridge could be so much fun?

  4. BTW - this is Mrs. Kinser's Chunky Chicken Salad. It has recognizable stuff in it, like pickles and hunks of chicken. Mmmm

  5. This is why i love your blog. I never know what to expect but it's always entertaining, inspirational, heartfelt, educational, etc..... Thanks for making me smile today. My husband and I were looking in our fridge today. He said, "If you'll clean it out I'll go to the dump." I said, "I'll do it tomorrow, I don't have time today." Maybe he'll forget that I said I'd do it tomorrow and it can wait a while longer.

  6. I love show and tell. Thanks for starting it up. I'm playing.

  7. I heard from Blackbird it was Show and Tell day... I did not describe the "guts" of my fridge nor did I take a photo of the outside. I'll save all that for next time :)

  8. We currently have houseguests and there is a LOT of beer in my fridge. And a lot of white styrofoam leftovers boxes from eating out. Not exciting enough to photograph.

    can you BELIEVE how much teenagers eat??! When my son was 16, he grew 6 and 1/2 in one year. I would buy 2 gallons of milk and 2 boxes of cereal just for him. He would eat bananas, 2 and 3 at a time.