Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More sickness - and some success

DH took Moe to the pediatrician yesterday.  This took some arm twisting on my part - DH doesn't like to do these things.  (To be fair, he cooks and cleans more than I do.)  The result?  Moe has a throat infection, a sinus infection, and an eye infection.  Much in the way of antibiotics are being given now.

All of these infections are from the flu Moe caught, which he acquired from Curly.  Who knows where Curly got it.  I'm afraid to guess on that.  And Curly had it for DAYS.  Moe has now been home from school since Thursday of last week - four days - which is a long time for a kid who's seldom sick.  I think he should be well enough to go back tomorrow.  I hope.

So I drove into the sun again this morning.

See it peeping out from behind the Atlanta skyline?

And when I got to work, I got a text message from Larry.  Larry has avoided the flu so far.  Here is the message I received, in its entirety:

I has a sick :( Flu sucks

Oh nooooo......  Larry has the flu tooo...


But I have had some success in my quest for a dimpled split ring vertical chain.

See?  (Don't look at the ones on top.  They are bad.  Seriously, don't look.)  I have a specific reason for wanting to make this work.  Which I will reveal later.

And this afternoon I must go and enroll Mr. Curly in night school.  I hope he gets it together.  Please God, give him some sense!

After that, I may spray the whole house with Lysol.  I think I have latex gloves available.  I just need a mask.  Flu, be gone!

Oh oh oh - you must look at this, especially if you have an affinity for old cars or vintage stuff.  'Cause it's very cool and amazing......



  1. YIKES stay away from me. I dont need to be sick (er) lol

    I love those dimpled hearts I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM you must share how you did those you must!!!

    I hope you are all feeling better soon it sucks don those gloves and maybe even a germ mask and that lysol

    (((GET WELL HUGS)))

  2. I hope you don't get it too!
    Your tatting just leaves me befuddled! I don't get how you do it!
    The sunrise is pretty, but I'd say hard to drive in.