Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sickness of one kind, and another

I was recently amused by this post in the NY Times.  It's a visual representation of thoughts, processes, decisions.  It's funny.

I'm a visual gal.  I've often put ideas into images.  This is one I've had about the nature of things since I was a kind.  I give you: the year in its seasons.

See?  Summer & winter are long for me.  Winter is at the bottom.  You have to climb hard into summer, and then go down down down into winter.

I don't know how this happened, but this really is the way I think.  Maybe I'm weird.  (Not just maybe.) Or sick. Or something.

We are all kinda sick here at chez Crazy.  DH is throwing up.  I have a cold.  Curly was throwing up but has migrated into a sinus infection and a barking cough.  Moe (who is never sick) has a horrible throat and a sinus infection.  I've been availing myself of the drug store walk-in clinics to get treatment for the boys, as I've been out of work so much lately & can't get them to the pediatrician.  My kitchen countertops are now a small pharmacy.  Larry is the only one who is not ill, and I think that may be because of his lack of exposure to the rest of the family, as he works while we sleep.  Plus, he has joined a gym and is working out 'most every day.  Go Larry!

Larry may have too much chemical exposure at work to let some puny little bacterium get to him.  They are doing major work on the grocery he works at, during his overnight hours.  Here he is working:

He sent this to me, saying that the chemicals they were using on the floor were so strong you couldn't breathe for long without a face mask.

I haven't been buying fresh vegetables there lately.  And for good reason.

DH just went back to bed, something he never does.  Larry wandered through, and has now gone out with a friend.  Curly and Moe are upstairs watching some movie, hacking and coughing.

I am trying to clean up my desk, which has been overwhelmed with detritus from refinancing and work and tatting and life.  I need a room where I can put my hobby crappe.  (And I have too many hobbies.)  (At least I'll have something to do when I retire, whenever that may be.)  I want Larry to get a real job and move out, in part so that I can have a room free to turn into my craft room.  I think I deserve a craft room, don't you?

In cleaning my desk, I pulled 7 balls of thread, 8 packets of beads, some jewelry findings, a buncha finished tatting, and a bag full of shuttles which are now available for use.  I think there were 8 shuttles and 2 bobbin winders.   Plus two novels, many tatting books, and a theological book by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  Oh, and much trash.

Some tatting porn for you:

Another Mary Konior large cross, from Tatting With Visual Patterns.  I have the pattern memorized.  This is made in Spring Poppies (I think) by LadyShuttleMaker.  BTW - she's made some terrific precious metal shuttles.  I think they're on her Etsy page now.  She's showcased them on her blog.

I love this pattern, and this thread is so springy and hopeful.  I sent this cross to a cousin who is recovering from surgery.

For supper, I am making a frittata with suburban free range duck and chicken eggs, eggs courtesy of my sister in law.  Our chickens are flourishing at her house.  Mmm, fresh eggs.

I hope spring has sprung where you are...


  1. After such a long and hard Winter I'm so looking forward to Spring. Your cross is very Spring like.

  2. It's monsoon season here!
    I can't wait to put away my puffy coat.
    I do hope you all feel better soon!

  3. That's definitely spring poppies, I love that thread. Get well soon.