Saturday, March 20, 2010

Skies and a cross of hearts

Sunrise yesterday driving towards the train station.  The sun was full up, staring me in the face.

Spring is here.  It's still chilly at night, but 70ºF during the day.  The Bradford pears are beginning to bloom, fosythia too.  I love spring.

I'm still suffering from the sickness.  I slept a long time last night, waking at 10:30.  I'm still choking and gagging with the cold.  Moe and Curly are in the same boat - and we are all sick of it.  Out, out damned crud.

Moe is back in school at least.  And Curly has had 2 days at night school.  He's not wild about it, but he's working hard at his classes.

And I've done a bit of tatting.  Here's something I've been working on, my own pattern.  I need to do this again and neaten it up, but it's not too bad.  Needs blocking.

It uses that stacked split rings technique I was working on.  I think this works nicely, don't you?

The sunset tonight, coming through the neighborhood.  So pretty.  I'll get you some spring pictures tomorrow.

Now - I need to get back to work on the kitty blankie....


  1. Your sky pictures are always so pretty. One of my favorite memories as a child is going to Atlanta to visit my grandparents. We would sometimes stop before we got into the city just to look at the lights. Of course, the city was really big then, but nothing like now.
    Your tatted cross is amazing!! You are a very great designer! I still think you should publish a book of your designs.
    I hate to tell you that if you have the same crud I had for part of December, all of January and February and part of March to brace yourself for the long haul. It just keeps on and on and on.

  2. The stacked hearts are lovely. I meant to try it out for you but life (and my sister!) have kept me away from doing just that!!!!

  3. NOW it comes up...after I already sent an email!

  4. The stacked hearts look really well. Love all your sky photos, hope you feel better soon.