Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thanks - a bit better now

Curly is back home, no longer in the pokey.  He had been found with some of his morning meds in his pocket (not inside of him) and also some OTC meds.  To have any medicine in one's possession at a school is a big no-no here, and he got charged with this.  Stupid of him.  Scared him pretty good to spend the night there.  (I couldn't bail him out until today - bail had to be set by the judge.)  We are not done yet.  He has to go back to court and address the charge and punishment. I really hadn't planned to have to spend money on attorneys and other legal crap, but as a parent you do what must be done.  It's that, or eat your young.  (Wonder if Curly would taste good fricasseed?)

Thank you all so kindly for your warm wishes and prayers.  It means a lot.

Also yuck...

More snow in Hotlanta.  Will winter never end? This was leaving the courthouse.

And the snow picked up more - the back deck.  There should be flowers blooming now.

And more - this driving home with Curly.  They let the schools out 2.5 hours early because of the weather.  Streets are very slushy and yuck.

(cultural art center in my county)
I am toiling away on the Kitty blankie for my neice.  It's starting to look nice - pics soon.

Blessings to all...


  1. Glad to hear Curly isn't still cooling his heels in the pokey!

    My preschooler plays policeman with plastic hand cuffs and says "Mama, you go to da pokey. (a few seconds later) All done, Mama! You go home now."

    LOL! Eat your young...that's a riot! Perhaps with a nice Chianti...?

  2. You will be in my thoughts and prayer always.

  3. honey, honey, honey!!! I was so hoping that things were getting better since he's looking for a job and all. Seriously though, he did have his own prescription drugs on him and it's not like he was selling them or anything. I had a sixth grader once who used to sell his Ridalin or save them up and take a bunch all at once.
    My prayers continue to go out for you.

  4. Gosh, my dear, I didn't know about this...I've been pretty reserved in tatland of late. Sorry to hear you and your family are having these challenges right now! I have already prayed for you and your son. Good luck with all the legal stuff coming...it does not sound like fun, but what else are you going to do?
    ~TattingChic ♥