Monday, May 10, 2010

New attitude

No bitching in this post.  I promise.  I'm sick of bitching.

There were a couple of fun things I did this weekend.  One was my neighborhood Mom's Night Out, where we has dinner (catered by Moe's) and a movie.  We saw It's Complicated, which was really fun.  There weren't a huge number of ladies there, but enough to have a good time - we laughed a ton.  And at the end of the night, we all got a long stem red rose.  I like my neighborhood a lot.

The other fun thing (and this is weird, I know) was the new Aldi.  We haven't had an Aldi in my part of town before, and one opened last week.  I've been driving by it whil they were building it and I couldn't wait.  I'd heard great things about Aldi.  Moe and I went right after Sunday School.  Yes, I ditched the church service - oh, well.  Anyhow, my old grocery chain isn't going to get so much of my money any more, because Aldi totally ROCKS.  I mean, a gallon of milk for $1.48 is a steal!  We go through 4 gallons a week, so that's terrific.  Moe and I had a good time seeing what they had.  And bringing it home.  (Moe can be very nice company.  And he likes to go to the grocery with me.  What a good boy he is.)

Still crocheting up a storm.  I gave all the members of my Sunday School class their own dish cloth yesterday - everyone was pleased.

I'm sending this one to Mom.  It's a whole skein of Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn.  Does anyone want my stupid little pattern?  I'll do a tutorial on it if folks request it.  (FYI - when I've shown my completed dish cloths to the Stooges, they each do exactly the same thing - rub the cloth on their faces.)

Curly is sporting a cast on his right wrist/hand.  The major plus?  He is physically unable to drive the scooter.

I've been getting free stuff.  I like free.  It's fun.  I've been sending off from places like this. (I never shop at that store - I hate it.  It is an evil empire and BAD.  Bad for the economy, bad for their employees.  But free is good!)  This is part of the recent haul.  Woo-hoo!

And - a tribute.  Lena Horne was a great lady.


  1. Is that the self-striping yarn or different colors? I love anything made with Sugar 'n Cream. As a matter of fact, I've been all tatted out since I finished my tulip and have been crocheting kitchen items, too! Look me up on Ravelry. There's a clicky link on my blog page. If you don't have an account, get one. You'll love it.

    Glad to see you had a nice time for Mother's Day. You definitely deserve it.

  2. The women's night out sounds like so much fun!
    I love the crocheted wash clothes. A dear lady who was my sweet friend used to make them for me. She died several years ago. I miss her.
    If I could read a crochet pattern I would like to see a tutorial. If you do one, make it veeeerrrryyyy simple for those of us who don't really crochet all that much.
    I'm glad Curly can't drive his scooter for a while.
    My daughter has an Aldis near her. She loves it! Her young daughters love it too! I heard we were going to get one, but i haven't seen any evidence yet.
    I, too, don't like Walmart. My problem is that in our little bitty town there's not many other places to shop. We try to get most of our groceries from another store. But, there's not another store any where nearby that sells some of the stuff they have. I admire you for not shopping there.

  3. I'm glad to see you getting out and about and focusing elsewhere. Best thing for ya! Sometimes it's the ONLY thing to do.

    I'm so hard on my dishclothes - I'd hate to ruin a pretty one! Funny thing....right before I read about your stooges rubbing them on their faces, that's exactly what I visualized doing myself! LOL!

  4. My BFF is a HUGE Aldi fan. HUGE. I've never been in one.
    I still remember how Bill Cosby got all goofy about Lena Horne on his show back in the 80's. She was lovely her whole life.