Saturday, May 22, 2010

A package and success

I got a package in the mail yesterday.  I'd been waiting on this one.

Yes!  The TAT Proficiency Progam test - I'll get right on it!

And after ripping out my mobius strip, my knitting looks better.

This looks more like cap potential.  I'm not ripping this out.  I think this will end up nicely.

Sophie, my little dumb white kitty, was crying and crying for petting.  AA! AA! AA! AA! she cries. Moe said, "Shut up, you stupid cat!"  "Moe, that's not nice.  She can't help it."  "So she's not stupid, just special?" "Yes, Moe."  "Shut up, you special cat!"


  1. A tatters apprenticeship program? I never heard of such a thing! Will you soon be a Master Tatter?

  2. My sentiments about the cat have to lie with Moe, on some days anyway! It's good to be back on the computer and checking in on my blogger buddies, you in particular!

  3. Oh yeah, I used my book mark while reading on my trip. It is so pretty and so useful, and mostly special because you made it!

  4. You WILL enjoy the Apprentice programme! Honest.