Sunday, July 11, 2010

Creature feature

I didn't show you all we saw on our mini-vacation. We saw some critters!

Along the road, we saw this lovely long-limbed creature.

It's a young white-tailed buck, his antlers just coming in.  A yearling, I'd say.  He's handsome.

While driving one-way loop through Cades Cove, the traffic stopped abruptly near a creek. People were getting out and taking pictures. We were stuck, so we sent Curly ahead with a camera to see what the commotion was about.

Here's what folks were looking at. Two juvenile bears were there in the trees by the creek. What, you can't see them? Let me help you.

Do you see them now?

Here's another shot of the one in the tree. Apparently the black bears in the area climb trees a lot.

DH and Moe saw several turkeys at various times in Cades Cove.  Turkeys are elusive - I got no pictures.  (Of course, I was usually driving.  This limits one's picture taking ability, at least when I have passengers in the car.)

After we went to the farm and mill, the traffic slowed down again.

This time - two deer in the woods.  Pretty, pretty.

And finally, a usually wild creature, tamed by exhaustion.



  1. Awwwww - he's so sweet. The pictures of the bears excited me enormously, I've never seen that! I know that we have "koala bears" here, but they are not really bears at all, they are marsupials.

  2. I'm pretty good with photoshop - I'm pretty sure there could be "bears" in my back yard...