Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bring out your dead

I'm not dead yet. I'm getting better.

Sorry I dropped out. I've been busy with Christmas and family and work. And we had sickness.

Monday of last week, Larry came down with something that started as a major migraine, then went into an extended and ugly intestinal virus - and then it spread to Moe and Curly as well. By Friday, every one of the Stooges were laying around and moaning with trash cans in easy reach. It seemed to go on forever. Poor Larry had it for 4 days. And then I came down with the ick, and moaned in bed all weekend. Fortunately, I didn't have the stuff as bad as the boys. I went to work Monday, not feeling hot, but able to function. The Stooges are better now too. Ugh - it was nasty.

We've also been trying to get Curly settled here in Crazy Town. We finally found him a place to stay, a room with a reliable friend of DH's. It's cheap and safe and not far, though not really the party place that Curly would prefer. Curly doesn't have a real job yet either. But he's making real talk about military (Navy) and took the ASVAB test this morning. He made a high score, which I hope makes him of interest as an enlisted person. I'm not sure if the military is best for Curly, but it would be structure and someone he'd be responsible to that would make him toe the line. I hope he finds something that works.

I'm very behind on Christmas stuff, and sickness and bad weather haven't helped lately. And the other thing I've had to worry about has been the results of our county's high school redistricting. Moe will be a freshman in high school next year, and we are now redistricted for now only a school that will be awful for him. Plus there are 3 other high schools significantly closer than this school. The redistricting was slammed in really fast with no time for public comment. (I think many school board members may lose their jobs next election over this. I know my representative is a goner.) Anyhow, I've had to make a quick application to the county's IB program for Moe and hope and pray that he gets in it. I got the application in on Monday, made sure the last teacher recommendation was in today. Cross your fingers for Moe.

Our Christmas tree is soaking in a bucket in the garage. And I've got a lot of work to do - Mom is visiting Sunday afternoon. My house needs a lot of decorating, and what about those presents?

And I haven't got a bit of tatting to show you!


  1. Oy. Hope everyone feels better soon. And that Moe gets in to the school of your choice.

  2. With all the craziness happening, I think you have been very productive and positive! Christmas always has a way of working itself out, just take it one task at a time.

    Golly, I sure do hope that Moe gets to attend a good school program. Fingers, toes and everything crossed!

  3. My girls got the IB diploma--best thing ever. Hope it works out for him.