Friday, February 11, 2011

Snow and pain

We got a bit of snow yesterday.

I took pictures as I was on my way to the endodontist.

As you can see, this was the perfect kind of snow. Pretty, etching the trees, and most importantly -

NOT on the roads! This disappointed Moe a great deal. Schools were in session as usual.

The snow was gone by 2 pm. It was pretty while it lasted....

Two pm was about the time I was in full misery after seeing the endodontist. I have The Worst Teeth in the World. Ok, not just me - my brother shares that distinction too.  We take care of our teeth, brushing, flossing, seeing the dentist regularly, but we still have a zillion crowns and are now losing teeth. Dr Endodotist started drilling away on me (root canal), straight through a crown (an interesting experience on its own), and then he started rooting around in my tooth. It was then that he said "Uh-oh" in an ominous way, and stopped digging. Because he found what the crown had hidden from the x-ray - that the tooth wasn't salvageable due to decay into the fork of the root. He offered to pull it, but I'm going to an oral surgeon next week to get that done.

The worst part of this is I am now being forced to get a dental implant so that I can chew on that side of my mouth. Dental implants are not covered by my insurance, and they're not cheap. As in there goes any vacation for the next couple of years not cheap.

Le sigh.

Anyhow, the drilling and the shooting of needles into my mouth, combined with the discomfort from the dental infection melded into some whopper pain. It's well known that I have an extremely high pain tolerance, but by early afternoon I was about to bang my head on my desk to distract myself from my dental affliction. It's better now, but the pain will soon move to my pocketbook.

Speaking of pain, I drove in to work today in olfactory pain. Curly had borrowed my little car briefly last night to apply for a job. This morning, I opened the door of the car and a huge wave of Axe cologne hit me. He must have put that nasty cologne on in the car and saturated himself. What is it with boys and their stink? I drove in choking and gagging from the smell - it gave me a headache and made my eyes water.

So what's giving you pain these days?


  1. Oh I so hate the dentist. Had a root canal on the same tooth TWICE and am now on the third crown on that "famous" tooth #31. How ironic you should be dealing with dental crisis the same day that DOTR made arrangements to go to Costa Rica to have massive dental work done. One of our insurers has a program where if you have their insurance, they arrange the whole trip down there with American trained dentists for about 1/4 the cost. Since we have an MSA and pay for everything out of pocket, even spending a week down there on vacation while you wait for the lab to make the crowns is still only half what a dentist off the square would charge. I have one more day to decide if I want to go along or bask in the glory of an empty house while J4 is on a mission trip for spring break and DOTR goes to Costa Rica.

  2. The answer to "what's giving me pain these days" is now listening to you!!!!! The reason is because I am going for root canal treatment very soon - the pain is already starting!!!! But seriously I feel so so sorry for you, nothing worse than toothache. I do hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Well when I started reading your post I was fine but by the end (like Sally!) I was in pain too!!! Referred pain, I think they call it. I'm not reading your blog again!!! Oh, I take that back - I might miss something if I stop reading it!!! Hope Curly gets the job, by the way.

  4. You got more snow than we did. Ours looked like a sheer lacey overlay! Poor you! I hate, hate, hate dentists!

  5. Wow! I can't believe you were able to go to work!

    Reading your post made me forget all about my own 'pain' which is the financial type. Has to do with now having to replace a driveyway destroyed by a plowing service over the past two winters Our vacation fund will be empty, but it's now in perspective.

    I hope your special tatting room and kitties will be of some comfort - along with thoughts of spring weather arriving soon (for Hotlanta)? Through your blog I'm able to keep track of the weather where our friends live!

  6. I love it when snow appears that way. It makes the best pictures. Sorry about your pain, chin up and keep smiling.

  7. It might make you feel better about the expense if you consider the alternative; after all, "it's ONLY money" - much better to have a tooth in your head!
    Horrible that you have to go through it, but isn't it great that you are in the position of being able to afford it - even if it means a stay-at-home holiday for a while!
    Considering the alternative is a strategy which has eased a lot of pain for me over the course of my life. My other mantra is "Rise Above It".

  8. Stay-cations can be great, though I hope you are still able to attend Tat Days (scholarship application?).

    If you were able to go back to work after that dentist (Sorry, I can't spell the endo...whoozit word.) visit, you have an incredible pain tolerance! All pain aside, it IS better to have functional chompers. But still, so sorry about it all.

  9. Oh yeah, drilling into a crown i have just had that pleasure too...but hopefully with a good result. Arent you glad that you can have a dental implant tho?

    Your snow photos are lovely.