Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spring has sprung

Spring is in full bloom here in Hotlanta. (So is the pollen - achoo!)

Dogwoods are everywhere.

They're in everybody's yard. Pretty four-petaled flowers.

One of the fun things about this area is that dogwoods grow wild. You see them all through the woods.
(Apologizes for the gloomy nature of some of these shots - it's been pretty overcast and/or rainy lately.)

And not only do we have lots of white dogwood, there's pretty pink as well.

See? Pretty in pink.

Lots of yards have dogwood - plus azaleas are in bloom. This is a neighbor's yard.

And another. For those who watch golf, the Master's tournament course is loaded with enormous azaleas.

And one of my favorite spring flowers - the delicate lavender wisteria. It grows everywhere here. This is on the side of the road.

As are these. It's a weed here, really!

Some people train their wisteria on a trellis. I think this is lovely.

And some have is as a plant, not trained on anything. You really have to keep it cut back, though!

What's this? A hedge of old roses, starting to bloom near my company's headquarters.

This gives you an idea why my pictures weren't so bright - kinda gloomy on the Georgia dome!

I love seeing his back toes...

Vader doesn't care. He just stretches out and relaxes. He's not interested in flowers. A bug, however....

See me? I'm soooo soft...

And Cisco? You can see how much the weather bothers him. I want to be that relaxed!

Some tatting for you next time..


  1. Atlanta is beautiful! We are just slightly behind you. Our wisteria is really starting to look pretty!

  2. All those darling dogwoods! Even that many photos weren't enough, I wanted a super close-up of one of those pretty pink blooms.

    Cherry blossoms get a lot of attention, and that's not a bad thing, but my heart gets stolen every year by dogwood's delicate beauty.

    Love them all, but Wisteria as a weed? The mind boggles.

  3. ..yep, wisteria as weeds. If left unattended they behave just like kudzu!

  4. Ah- the Lady of the Lampe is safely ensconced back at home.....which is just gorgeous with all those flowering trees. Your dogwood looks very much like our Prunus tree. Really pretty.
    I hope Cisco is being a Good Cat and taking turns with Vader on his comfy armchair!

  5. A quote I read a long time ago - "A weed is just an unloved flower." I keep that in mind, especially this time of year with everything in bloom! I also shared it with my friend from church, Jan, who has her doctorate in botany (she's semi-retired from Erskine College, still teaches a couple of classes there each semester) - she wholeheartedly agreed!

    Lovely pix. The kitties look so relaxed and happy, too -- why can't we relax half as well? Oh yeah - we WORK so they can relax!

  6. Thank you for all the lovely photos. Spring in full bloom. I love the wisteria and dogwood.