Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What I've been up to.

I've been finishing up some tatting patterns. Sorry - can't show you much.

OK - you can see this. I know, it's a huge clue.

Now that I've finished this group of patterns, it's on to other pressing matters. Like doing the taxes. Mercy, it's depressing. I've got no real excuse for not having done them sooner.

Wait - does this count? I am sadly addicted.

We have just gotten Moe signed up for karate. He's taking classes 4-5 afternoons a week and he really likes it. He can walk to the dojo after school. We love this dojo - Curly used to take classes here, and was on their travel team when he was in elementary school. Moe has been harrassed by other kids in school lately, so the karate helps his self esteem. Plus it's good exercise. He's come home worn plumb out!

Larry is still working at the grocery, but now he's in school too, in paramedic training. Larry is certified as an EMT-I but is having trouble finding work since he has no experience. Paramedics are more in demand. On the days he has to work and has class, he's worn out. We don't see much of Larry. Mostly if he's here, he's asleep.

Curly has had some very, very serious issues lately. Very, very bad. There has been a period where he was, well, let's just say he was elsewhere. Curly has been off his bi-polar meds for 8 months, and it shows. He has betrayed our trust and it will be a long time before he can participate in family life again. He's back to living in the tent in the back yard. I'm hoping he can find some work to keep him busy. Please keep him in your prayers...

In spite of all of the Curly drama, spring continues full force here. It was in the upper 80's this weekend and really gorgeous. I lurve spring!


Vader doesn't care what season it is.


  1. You know I hold your family in my thoughts.

  2. You and the whole family are in my prayers.

  3. There's no magic cure, is there? - it is a consuming worry.
    My grandson does Tae Kwon Do, and is apparently very good at it. Supposedly it is to teach self-defence, but in reality, the school does not tolerate it!
    I went to a sparring competition once, and I hated watching that,even though he won his match. He's 7 years old, I live in hope that he might take up the trumpet instead as he grows older.

  4. CM, Please, take time to smell and enjoy your flowers. Also, tat a bit each day. Dr.'s orders...take care of yourself :-)

  5. I'm so pleased for your youngest--he's found something to benefit him in so many ways! And how lovely to have a son as driven as Larry.
    Curly will get there--by the grace of God, right?