Thursday, July 7, 2011

Back from Charleston

I'm back from a family visit to Charleston SC. All my siblings came, plus my Mom was there. My sister from across Hotlanta brought her eldest daughter, I brought Moe, and my brother had has wife and 17 month old daughter. We met at the home of my other sister, who lives in Charleston with her husband and 2 college age children.

It was a lot of fun. We ate and talked and visited and laughed together. We stayed up very late. I was worn out by the time we left - I even had to take a stop for a nap on the way back!

Driving through Mepkin Abbey, a former plantation

We had a lovely visit to Mepkin Abbey, but did NOT get to plant Daddy there. More on that in another post.

A Civil War era gown at the exhibit. It is festooned with sequins.
Moe and I went to the Charleston Museum and saw the exhibit I wanted to visit, and more. We did not make it to the ocean. But we did eat a lot of shrimp.

Moe kayaked many times in the brackish lake behind my sister's home. We also observed the neighbors fireworks out back on the 4th. And it was HOT.

Seen and heard while there:

While I was driving near Columbia SC, Moe looked at a a sign and said, "Goo is love!?! What does that mean? Oh wait - that's a D."

My brother saw a sign for a clothes washing business. The sign read "Laundry Mat".

While driving back from Mepkin, Mom and my Charleston sister and I had a discussion about food quality of American vs. European grocers. (We were discussing Aldi.) Mom said, "Well, the quality of the food seem to be better, and if there is a problem, European vendors will commit suicide or hari-kari in shame, unlike Americans."

Finally, Moe and I saw these big cows in a chicken sandwich chain. The cows were hanging from the ceiling, and the girl cows looked, ahem, unusual with their tails between their legs. I went over and spoke discretely with a cashier, saying they may wish to move the tails of the cows. She said, "Why? I don't see any - Ooooo." And she got a manager right away.

More on what we saw soon. And thank you for the warm wishes everyone sent for our anniversary!


  1. LOL! I'll betcha some mischieveous teenager hung those pun intended.

    Sounds like a good time had by all!

  2. LOL! Oh sweet mercy! The "seen and heard" bits (plus Gina's unintentional pun) gave me a chuckle. Sounds like a great trip!

    Who knew one could actually see a "cow car" on the roadway...or is the VW Bettle in the chicken sandwich chain photo also an inflatable marketing gimmick?

  3. So glad you had a nice trip! You keep us in stitches with your observations and commentary.

    I can't imagine what it was like to dress in those outfits! Or to sew them together - by hand! They would be aghast seeing what we wear (or don't wear) today! Hollywood's costume designers had fun with this era, making gorgeous matching outfits and hats for movies, but life must have been so difficult for women back then.

  4. Bwahahaha!
    Sounds like a great trip!
    I always enjoy the signs along the road, there's always a few that give me a chuckle.