Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life at Chez Crazy

I've been chastised lately by a blogging friend, and rightfully so, for I have been negligent in my blogging. I haven't blogged on a regular basis lately, and I'm sorry. So let me get you up to date.

So what's happening at Chez Crazy?

Moe is muddling along as a freshman at the giant high school. He's doing very well in any class he's interested in, like Honors Math I and French I, and he's doing little or no work in classes he's bored with, like his American Government. Which is a pretty amazing, since that should be an easy A for him. I told Moe's teacher that we probably have more home material related to this class than anyone at the school. as DH is a HUGE history/biography/war/political buff. We have bookcases filled with Civil War books and biographies of American leaders. Moe has no excuse. I'm leaning on him.

Larry just had a birthday. It was quiet for the most part. His friend K came over and spent the night; they went out and had Japanese food and then we all had red velvet cake. Larry is continuing with his Paramedic training and will be starting some clinical training later this month. He'll finish the training in the spring, March I think. He's still working nights at the local grocery store.  Larry has taken up an odd obsession lately - he's now a Bronie, and has 60+ figures. Weird. As long as he doesn't get a tattoo of a Cutie Mark, I'll be ok with this. (And yes, Larry is very hetero.)

Curly. Oh, Curly. Where do I start? Basically, Curly is off his meds, unemployed, has no transportation, and is back to his bad old ways. Completely and belligerently uncooperative. He refuses to do anything necessary to get treatment or ameliorate his situation. He showed up the other day with a bottle of his Lithium, prescription dated 6 weeks ago, and the bottle had not been opened. DH let him stay in the house some last weekend (over my strenuous objections), and Curly violated all the rules. We kicked him out, and he broke into the house, breaking window screens in the process, and stole money and medicines (not his). He's been staying nearby at a home that has boarders, and I hope he is safe. I don't think he has any money, since he doesn't seem to be able to get a job. When things don't go well, he flies into a rage, cursing, screaming, lashing out at those who care most for him. Since he is 19, I am powerless to help him until he decides to help himself. I am so sad for him.

But enough about Curly....

How about world records?  Did you know that we are trying to establish a World Record at Palmetto Tat Days for most tatters tatting this tiny snowflake, all together at the same place and time? Pretty cool, huh? You can still register for Tat Days. Come on, you know you want to be there!

Someone who will NOT be at Tat Days is Vader. The other night, he was waiting for me at the top of the stairs like this, with his paws in the air. Very strange.

So I went up the stairs. Vader still lay there, with his paws in the air. (Pay no attention to the vacuum cleaner behind the curtain.)

And I found Mr. Vader lying  there all twisty. His back paws were going in the opposite direction from his front ones. He's just fine - but it looks un-comfy!

He's so silly.

And finally - Sophie loves her new toy.


  1. Whoopeeee, you're back. Sorry about Curly - there's apparently nothing anybody can do to help him until he decides to help himself.
    I'll TRY to take part in the Tat Off but it's past the old git's bedtime. WAAAYYY past.

  2. I adore that little snowflake!! I agree, you haven't been posting enough lately! I always enjoy your posts... You make me laugh :)
    As for Curly, Jane's right - he can't be helped until he chooses to help himself. It isn't your fault or your husband's or anyone else but his. He's an adult, & he has to take responsibility. Until then, no one can help him. All you can do is pray & hope he's safe!

  3. I laughed when I followed the link to the bronie. I understand that I'm now too old to understand...

  4. Don't know if you're aware of it, but Blue Bunny Ice Cream has Red Velvet Cake as an ice cream flavor! We had an ice cream social at work last week, and it was one of the ice creams offered. I liked it - it has chunks of red velvet cake in it, and bits of cream-cheese icing, along with the ice cream. It must be an acquired taste, though - one of my friends tasted it and hated it!

    I can't quite picture Larry with a Cutie Mark - just doesn't compute! Moe is at That Age - mine sat on her hands in Algebra I, mad at me because I vetoed the teacher she wanted. She ran out of time (interim reports were due out, and hers was a solid F) - confessed, and we spend a weekend learning Algebra. Just keep on leaning on Moe - he'll have an epiphany at some point! Poor Curly - hang in there, Crazy Mom!

  5. You've come a long way to help Curly, but he needs to meet you at the crossroads and reach out his hand. (sounds a bit like crazy poetry...sorry)

    Keep praying for him.

  6. P.S. I think The Sprout is a Bronie!

  7. Animals are so weird.
    Good luck with Curly. That poor boy.
    And YAY Moe for having some success at that huge school. Hopefully he gets on a roll!