Thursday, April 19, 2012

Items of the day

A few little things.

First - a view of another design I submitted for Tat Days 2012.

This one is a two-fer. An edging (above) and....

A bookmark! This is called Butterfly Garden Bookmark and Edging. Cute, non? And all basic rings and chains, no real advanced techniques except starting a chain from a dead stop.

Yesterday while waiting for a prescription to be filled, I found some fun rhinestone accented readers. Which I am wearing as I type. Stylish! Especially for $5.

On Larry - we are waiting to get an MRI scheduled, but it looks more and more like he has torn his left ACL. The orthopedist drew quite a bit of ugly fluid off Larry's knee. He's not a happy guy. Surgery is likely to be in his future.

On the feline front: we frequently refer to Vader as Bad Thing. He even answers to Bad Thing. DH laughingly says we shouldn't call him that, as it might hurt Vader's self esteem. Somehow I think not.

DH brought home a tiny pet carrier, suitable for carrying small kittens or a guinea pig.

The cats tried it out. Neither Vader nor Cisco was able to get in much further than this into the carrier. I think Sophie can get in - she's tiny - but it would be a tight fit.

I've done the taxes. Now it's résumé time!


  1. I love your tatting, it's so beautiful! I hope everything goes well for your husband. Will be praying for him and the animal situation.

  2. The edging/bookmark is really pretty -- especially in the colors you used. I hope they accept that one!

  3. A very beautiful edge, also as bookmark!

  4. Yes, it is very pretty - especially in the threads you chose.

    Love the specs!
    Fox : )

  5. A very clever pattern and yes the threads set it off so well

  6. Hmmm, is there a new kitten in your future?

  7. What color is the thread? It is lovely.

  8. Butterfly Garden is a perfect name for one of the prettiest edgings (and bookmark!) I've seen!

    Hate it about Larry's knee - we're keeping y'all in our prayers. Hang in there!

  9. Beautiful edging/bookmark...I really like that! In my prayers regarding Larry...hope things work out better than expected there! Your kitties are so much fun :-)

  10. Yeah, Vader's self-esteem seems pretty intact to me, too!
    Good luck with your son.
    ROCKIN' readers, honey!

  11. Beautiful and clever edging/bookmark! Have you seen Frivole's new video on starting with a chain? It shows a clever method used by Wolfgang from In Tatters.

    Sorry to hear about Larry's knee.

    It's very cool that you can just buy eyeglasses off the rack!

    And the reason for the small carrier? I think Vader likes his nickname!