Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winner - MIA

I haven't heard from the winner of my 400th blog post giveaway yet.

Sheree is MIA. Sheree, if I don't have an email from you in 24 hrs, I'm going to have to draw another winner. Sheree, where are you?

What many folks who comment may not know is that we bloggers do not always get your email address when you comment.  Many IDs are sent up without a email defaulting into my "from" box; instead of your email address, I get "no-reply blogger."

I don't respond to every comment, but there are some I respond to, or want to. If I've never gotten back with you, I don't have your email addy. A response to "no-reply blogger" goes into the ether of the internet.

Do me a LARGE favor and look at the tutorial here. Change your email settings as described. Your email will not be visible in the blog comments, but I WILL receive your email address and can respond from my own email.

And if you win a contest, I can notify you directly!

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to hear that, I have had the same issue, thanks for posting the fix.
    but then if Sheree doesn't answer, more luck for the rest of us that someone will be the winner.