Friday, July 12, 2013

Lazy wet days of summer

I've been tatting the Crown motif earrings a bunch.

This is part of a pair I made for a work friend. Note that I tat with whatever I can find. Earrings don't take much thread, just a bit - and these need two shuttles. So I'm using a large paperclip as a second shuttle.

Here's the finished pair. My friend was very pleased.

I was driving home a few weeks ago and spied the Google Street View car driving past Centennial Park in Hotlanta. The car has a big round camera on top (see read arrow) that is constantly taking pictures at all angles. I guess I'll be visible on Street View sometime in the near future! Did you know that these cars are generally driverless? Strange but true!

It's been VERY rainy and humid here this summer. So rainy that we've already had more rain in 2013 than we got in all of 2012! Neighbor's yards have mushrooms growing in them. Parents are stir-crazy with kids that can't run around outside. Moe and I are trying to get to the neighborhood pool for exercise as often as possible, but with this weather it's hard to manage. Some sun would be a good thing....

Cisco and Lily are enjoying lolling about. Happy tatting...


  1. Oh Nick and I saw a google street view car when we were walking to the mall in Cincinnati a couple of years ago. Wonder if we'll be on there too? Two English old gits abroad!!! Lovely earwigs. We're enjoying wonderful hot, sunny weather at the moment - so sorry you're not.

  2. TN is soggy, too. It is a very strange summer.

    I admire your ingenuity! I'm not sure I would have thought of using a paper clip as a substitute shuttle.

  3. Must have been tricky using a paper clip - I envy your ingenuity and perseverance!

  4. cute earrings. I have never seen one of these cars before.

  5. That street view car freaks me out. Seriously.