Monday, August 5, 2013

Moe goes back to school and Schwenke thoughts

A bit of tatting here.

I recently tatted the triangle motif by Susanne Schwenke in "Spitzen-Kreationen", done in Lizbeth size 20.

I have a confession. I don't like this pattern. I'm tatting it as a favor for a dear friend. To me, the pattern is lumpy and not the least graceful. And granted, this is unblocked. But it does not charm me. I really only tat things that charm me - they have to have a pretty outcome, or are technically interesting. This is neither to me. Some people may find this blasphemous to say - there are many folks who love everything that Schwenke does. But I'm not of that group.

This is merely my opinion and does not make me a bad person. (So there.) I also do not love most cubist paintings. Which is to say, I don't think Schwenke is a bad designer. I just don't appreciate this piece.

In other news, Moe is starting school on Wednesday, August 7. That's in two days. Really.

The fact that he is starting school now may be astounding news to those who don't live in the American South, but these day classes start early here. And end before the 1st of June. Moe will be a junior in high school and has a heavy load this year - he's taking 3 AP classes, plus Honors Trigonometry. And he's at home right now trying to finish the summer homework for these classes, due Wednesday. I'm going to crack the whip when I get home...

Oh - less than a month left before Palmetto Tat Days!! I'm teaching - you should come!

Here's a pretty for the day:

These are mountains which are part of the Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park in China. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go here for more info - really gorgeous!


  1. The Park link was down for the moment, but I checked other websites. I thought that was a painting, but the geologic park looks just like that! Brighty Colored rock formations. Wow! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    Sure wish I could come to Palmetto, but again the timing isn't right for me. :-(

    I'm only familiar with Susan's lovely snowflake pattern (free on the net) that I tatted last year. It is usually shown draped over a green ball ornament, but I kept it as the snowflake, as it is a nice big size to show up on the tree (size 20 thread). Your post has reminded me to put in in my blog!

    That is early to go back to school! But there seem to be more days off during the year than I remember from years ago.

  2. I had to laugh - I like a lot of the Schwenke patterns and I find them challenging and just thr right size. But THAT one. I wanted to give to my OBYGN! Take a good look at it!

    Thanks for the giggle.
    Fox : )

  3. I'm with you... I only like to tat what appeals to me. I love many of the earring designs I see, but since I can't wear earrings, I have no desire to tat them. There are so many beautiful designs. Why tat something you don't like?

    I sure wish I could attend Tat Days. The timing is not good with the start of school, but when I retire in three years I do plan to be there!

  4. I think that Schwenke motif is one of those that only gets interesting if you connect enough for the negative space effects to come out. I started that once but didn't get too far, though I don't remember why not. I absolutely agree with not tatting things you don't like.

    Congrats to Moe for taking all the AP courses. I'm impressed.

    See you soon.

    1. I like the OBGYN joke very funny. And so true to tat what you like. I do like to look at it all some times there is just one element I like, I like what Martha said About connecting them That might make it more appealing.