Tuesday, September 10, 2013

If you weren't at Tat Days this weekend....

Here's a taste of what you missed...

Taking classes - I tatted Jane's cute seahorse! Donna taught the class. It was live-streamed!

Georgia and Marie! They are soooo sweet.

The banquet! Loads of fun. And there was a great auction afterwards...

Randy demonstrating how to hitchhike! (Hint - show your leg!)

Taking classes from me - you could have tatted this cute Christmas set!

International visitors! Maria comes from Mexico City. And she's a hoot!

Night Owl tatting with the inimitable Reit!

And so much more. Like me! You could have met ME!

I'll post again soon...


  1. Ooooh, I really missed y'all. Interesting to find out how Randy got cross country to Tat Days. Hopefully he can now teach Gary so he can get there next year too!!!

  2. : ( ( wish I could have joined the fun.

  3. I saw some familiar faces, love your cute Christmas Trees and Jane's seahorse

  4. Enjoyed meeting you and making a seahorse with you. Will need to make a point to take one of your classes next year if you are teaching.

  5. I did think of all of you having so much fun! Retirement is less than three years away, and I do plan to be there in 2016!

  6. It was lovely to see you again in Toccoa. Big hugs!

  7. It sounds wonderful, wish we could all join you!