Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Morning conversation

While trying to get folks ready for the day, lunches packed (for me & DH) and meds taken (me and the Stooges), I had this conversation with the youngest Stooge, Moe:

"Come take you medicine right NOW, Moe!"

"Why? I don't want to! You're mean, Mom."

"I'm the nicest mother you'll ever have."

"And the meanest!" (Moe stuck out his tongue at me.)

"Thank you."

It's good to be recognized. Even if I am the Meanest Mom in the World.


  1. Are you SURE? I thought I had been crowned "Meanest Mom in the World"! Perhaps my reign of terror is over...

    LOVE the edging in your header! Your husband must really be supportive of your tatting habit.

    :) Ann

  2. Ahem! My rein of terror seems to have ended with grandchildren; after all, those who said I was "Mommie Dearest" (vague reference will be understood by anyone under 40) needed a baby sitter from time to time.
    Come to think of it, the redhead that lives with us is a grandchild ~ will it never end? And lest I forget, her fiance practically lives with us! and we babysit their DOG. Do believe if we were in better health there is a great granddaughter who would come and live with us!
    THAT is a lovely edging. Do any of the stooges want to learn tatting?
    My grandson tried, bless his little Charlie Brown head; but he was so tense he pulled the hook right out of an Aero bobbin. He has a lot of respect for those who tat!
    hugs, a new follower....Bev aka Ridgewoman/Ridgetatter