Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Rain and flooding

We've had a bit of rain.

Maybe 21 inches in 24 hours.

We are a bit damp.

I am fine - my home is WAY above any flood plain. We have a minor roof leak. The county water is in bad shape - boil water advisory until things get fixed. Broken pipes everywhere. Kids out of school, roads washed out.

But we are fine.

Not everyone is so fortunate. Many have lost their homes. Some have lost their lives.

More than 50 roads in my county alone are washed out. The interstates are a mess. I-20 out my way is closed in both directions. Parts of I-285 are closed. Last night I-75/I-85 (the Downtown Connector) was also closed in both directions for a while. Took me a while to get home from work, was pretty scary.

Here is a bridge near my home that is out. This bridge affects me almost daily - it's the way I get to church, Target, the grocery store, the doctor, the mall, etc. The video is taken standing an a road that intersects the road our subdivision is on (which is less than a mile up to the right). It'll be months before this is fixed. Fortunately, I have alternatives for getting around.

There is more rain ahead.

Please keep those who have lost family or possessions in your prayers.


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about this. I hope the coming rain changes course & your county can move towards reovery.

  2. How awful, so many people affected, feel so sorry for you all.
    Thanks for the gift received from Jane, very thoughtful of you.

  3. Take care and try to stay above the flood plain (however that might be done). Stay safe and dry. I am keeping you and all those who have been affected in my prayers.

  4. I'm thinking about you and the folks in your area. I pray the weather is more favorable for you today.

  5. Is that the same rain that caused all my problems last week? I saw Atlanta through the clouds as we took off for Cincinnati - very, very beautiful.

  6. Thank heavens you are fine - sending sunshine your way. Stay safe!

  7. Glad you are o.k. I know what it feels like, we had the same problem earlier this year.
    hope it won't take too long to get things back to normal.