Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tat Days 2009 loot

I was a bad girl at Tat Days vending. Last year I got lots of thread. This year, I got mostly the expensive stuff - books.

Here's what I came home with:

All the stuff in the top right corner plus the red Tat Days patch came in my goodie bag, a large reusable grocery bag which contained:

  • Finca thread

  • a magnifying glass

  • beads

  • a cute bag with circles on it to carry a current project in

  • 2 great thread samples of Lizbeth thread

  • a luggage tag with bug buttons

  • a ladybug refrigerator note pad

  • a metal box with magnets and small goodies, and a blue origami paper box

If you didn't know, the theme of this year's Tat Days was "I've been bitten by the Tatting Bug!" The bookmark was a freebie too.

On to my purchases. It's a good thing DH doesn't see my check book or my credit card statements.

I got:

  • 2 balls of variegated Lizbeth thread, size 20. (Size 40 was there too.)

  • 1 ball of Altin Basak variegated thread

  • 4 plastic knitting bobbins, which I need to keep away from that bad cat Sylvia. She has ruined several of these. (They are the bomb for putting ball thread on.)

  • 1 Skein of Yarnplayer's Vibrato HDT, size 20

  • A darling decorated green Clover shuttle

  • A CD of all the patterns at this Tat Days (not shown)
And I got books. This is where I was BAD. I got:

  • Tatting Theory and Patterns by Jan Stawasz - this goes with my lovely gold shuttle he made!
  • Tatted Fashion by Tieko Fujita

  • Tatting by Pam Palmer

  • DMC's color Tatting pamphlet

  • An Italian Frivolite pamphlet

  • And 2 books by Martha Ess - Tat's Amore and Tea is for Tatting. And I got Martha to sign each one!

Whew. Now I have to work to pay for my sins.


  1. What a SWEET haul! I've been enjoying your Tat Days posts. It looks like fun! Is it ALWAYS in the same place or does it rotate to different cities?

    I also wanted to tell you also how pretty your drive pictures were. I grew up in the country so I laughed at the shot of your mom's house at 5:30am - it can be SPOOKY dark in the boondocks!

    :) Ann

  2. I think Tat Days is always at the same location, the White Oaks Baptist Conference Center in Winnsboro, SC. It's sort of central in SC, not really far from Columbia. The conference center is nice, a lovely place, but it really is way out there in God's country.

    You should come next year - it's not really expensive, if you can make the trip. And you learn tons of stuff, plus you get to meet so MANY great tatters!

  3. It was great fun, wasn't it? Looks like you got lots of good stuff.