Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A little venting

I love my mother, truly I do, but sometimes she makes me wack-o.

I spent 2 nights at her house last weekend, including the night of my birthday. She had a birthday cupcake waiting for me. It was a large chocolate cupcake, with lots of chocolate chips and chocolate chunks and gobs of chocolate frosting. And a candle. Because it was a Birthday Cupcake.

So I took it home, happily. Yesterday I sent her this email:

The cupcake you sent has been gobbled. I couldn't eat it in one or even two sessions, but now I've tossed it down my gullet and I'm

Woo. I haven't had that much sugar in a year. No lie. But it was sho nuff GOOD

And this is what I got in response:

I sorta thought you might hand out some of those pieces of that tiny cake to the boys, as I was not trying to make more trouble for your non-shrinking weight numbers. But whatever, it's done now.

And then she lectured me on how to lose weight.

WTF, Mom? How do you divide a cupcake? That YOU bought and gave to me?



  1. unless it's one of the those cupcake cakes...but no, then it would have been bigger.

  2. dont you just love it HA HA cute story. Happy Birthday late too :)

  3. OMG - too funny! Way to ruin the indulgence, Mom.

  4. happy belated birthday, I am sure that no matter what your mother said the cupcake was delish.
    all that chocolate was meant for us women alone and not to share. otherwise what good is a cupcake???