Thursday, October 29, 2009

Am I THAT old?

My company recently had an event where they promoted all the charities that the company sponsers via employee deductions.  They handed me a bag with some goodies, including a ruler with a magnifying strip.

My question is - if I have to use this magnifying strip, am I in need of this charity's assistance?

In other news - it's stating to look like fall!  Some of the leaves are turning.  These trees are outside of my office.  I love maple trees...

And - we've gotten 2 eggs every day since I posted about the chickens.  I don't think I'll be buying eggs for some time!


  1. FYI: Chickens lay one egg a day. Free range eggs are the greatest

  2. Love fresh eggs! Hey, would you be interested in having some of your tatting showcased in a fashion show? We have a wearable ARTS fashion show here. The next isn't until Nov. of 2010 so there would be plenty of time. I don't know if you ever put you tatting on clothing or not, but if not, I could do that for you. email me if you might be interested. We are only about 2 1/2 hrs. from Atlanta.This is a pretty big deal with artists from all around the SE

  3. How are your Nina Libin earrings tatting up? I see your magnifying ruler is much weaker than the super-duper magnifier my husband gave me, so your eyes can't be THAT old!