Monday, October 26, 2009

Free range eggs

Last Easter, DH was at the local hardware store.  They had chicks there, and he came home with three.  Why? I asked.  He laughed and said it would be good for the boys, and when they got bigger, he would give the chickens away.

Well, they did get bigger.  But he didn't give them away.  Instead, he threw them out into the yard.  One of the two white ones wandered too close to the dog and perished.  The remaining chickens (both hens) have become free-range suburban chickens.

I protested having the birds in the yard.  We live in a restricted covenent community, and I don't want to draw the attention of the neighborhood PTB.  I'd like to fly under the radar with our critters.

DH continued to laugh.  One of the neighbors did ask him about the chickens.  DH said that they were wild chickens - and that wasn't exactly a lie.  Because you can't catch them.  The white one is especially skittish.  Which, if you're a chicken and not in possession of much grey matter, is probably a good thing.

Lately they have been wandering into the neighbor's yards.  Our buddy Bubba (4 doors up, across the street) got a call from his wife the other morning.  She was laughing at the chickens wandering through their front yard.

DH says they're hell on bugs, and will pounce on those little lizards.  They roost in a big fig tree in our side yard, safe from the coyotes.  My sister has chickens (and a pen and a chicken house) at her home, and she gets eggs.  So we started looking.  And looking.  They were spending a lot of time in our front shrubbery.  So DH looked a bit further.

(I think the red hen is quite pretty.)

Lo and behold, we found eggs!  So we've been gathering the eggs as often as we can.  DH has made a little house for them in the shrubbery, and they're using it.

There are two kinds of eggs - white and brown.  The egg in the back is a store-bought large eggs, the other two are home grown.  Want to see what was inside?

The light yellow yolk is from the store-bought egg - the orangy one is a free range egg.  It sits up high and is full of nutrients.

I scrambled it up and ate it for breakfast.  Yum!

And here is the sunset from Saturday, in our neighborhood.

(I'll show you some tatting next time.  I promise.)


  1. Love your story about the chickens. That sunset is amazingly beautiful!!

  2. I want some chickens so bad! Boo hoo we can't have them where we live.

    But I love seeing your delicious eggs!

  3. We could have chickens (we live on 10 acres in the country), but I have no desire to take care of them, and I don't want to attract coyotes! However, there is nothing like a fresh egg!

  4. We're not supposed to have them either - no farm animals in our neighborhood. Hence the "wild chickens" wink wink remark.

  5. My friend Carol aka knows all about free range chickens. She has one. Her name is "Free Bird".
    Thanks for sharing,
    Rayanna aka

  6. So funny. We had free range chickens on the ranch and when the neighbor called to complain that they were in her garden (about a block away) I told her to "utilize' it! Be careful of those free range eggs; sometimes they're a little "ripe'. LOL
    We had some folks come that wanted to buy chickens and we told them they could have them for $1 a piece if they caught them. So they showed up just after dark and caught them out of the bushes! But the folks also got scratched up pretty good. We stopped selling them chickens when we learned they were being used in these folks sacrifices to their gods (Hmong folks). DH just couldn't contribute to that thought.
    Plus it made for messy sidewalks (the duck was worse)! I don't miss the chickens.
    X Bev

  7. When we found the first batch of eggs, we tossed 'am all - couldn't trust them! We've been checking daily in the same couple of spots for eggs, so we know we are gathering fresh ones!

    They are keeping our yard and the neighbors' yards free of bugs, so its a win-win. And since they aren't roosters, no crowing!

  8. Your little chickies are so cute! I have 13 chickens and 1 that free ranges. She refuses to stay in the coop and pen. She flies out if we put her back in. (The fence is 6ft hight) but she still gets out. LOL!! She is so funny! She comes up to my house and flies up to my windows looking for me to come and feed her. She lives up in the grape vines and stays hidden. My son named her Free Bird. You can see her here on this post:
    She is on the glider looking in my living room window wondering where I am. LOL!!

  9. Love your post!! I really had a blast reading this. We have ducks...well their not mine...but they start coming in our back yard about March...think is the 'cement pond' they
    But our 'eggs' usually have babies!

  10. Personally, I enjoy the regular blogging as much as the tat-blogging ya know.