Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Doing the happy dance!

I'm doing the happy dance now.  I'll tell you why in a minute.

But first - you MUST go to LadyShuttleMaker's blog and check out her Mondo Monday Giveaway!  I want that shuttle - so pretty.  You'll want it too.

Had an uneventful weekend, thank heavens.  DH and I went to see a movie, the hilarious Zombieland.  It was filmed around Atlanta, so we kept trying to figure out exactly where they shot each scene.  Not a movie for all (I'm not a horror movie person), but I found this funny.  And if you liked Shaun of the Dead, you might laugh at Zombieland too.

Curly has been doing more of same.  On Sunday, he burst into my bedroom as I was changing out of my dress -  no knock, just busting in.  He was coming to take something of mine because he felt he NEEDED it.  And this morning I found my camera had been removed from the back of my desk drawer and had magically appeared on Curly's computer desk in his room.  So somehow, Curly's cell phone magically dematerialized from his room into DH's possession about that time.  Curly told me that I'm not behaving like an adult when I took his cell phone.  DH really laid into him about this remark - Curly's got a lot of nerve.

So, why am I doing the Happy Dance? Because I'm finished tatting the Wedding Hanky!!!  I have to wash and block it, but the tatting is done.  Here's what it looks like pre-blocking:

I have to admit, I'm very pleased at how pretty this turned out.  I tatted the first round directly to the entredeux on the purchased handkerchief, then tatted 2 rounds of mignonette.  The last round is a variation on a Mary Konior edging.

And this was finished in the nick of time - the wedding is Saturday.  So I've got to hop to and get this blocked.

Larry will not be able to attend the wedding, as he has gotten a new job and can't get the time off.  I'm really sorry that he can't come.  But the new job is full time and pays a lot more.  And he may be able to move out around the first of the year.  If that happens, I'll be doing a lot more than the happy dance.  It'll be the Happy Ballet!



  1. Hi there! Thanks for the critique on the movie. I'm not a horror movie fan, either, but I do like spoof on them. It is always fun to see a movie shot in a familiar area.

    Your finished hanky is so pretty and delicate looking! It must feel so nice to have it all done. What an accomplishment!

  2. I can tell that hanky is going to be exquisite when it is blocked. Such a treasure to receive!

  3. The hanky looks so dainty, well done.
    I want that shuttle too...who wouldn't!

  4. There is a lot of work in that hanky, very impressive. Yes I also would like that lovely shuttle!

  5. Thanks so much, ya'll! I hope the bride appreciates it!

  6. The hankie should be treasured and kept as a family heirloom - so daity and sweet.