Friday, October 2, 2009

Long week

TGIF. That's all I can say. It's been a long week. Sometimes I really, really hate my job. Sometimes I hate the drive - ok, I always hate my 30 mile drive in. And then there are the little flashes of joy that come up.

This sunrise was part of my view driving in to work today. The cell phone camera doesn't capture how really pink the sky was. (No, it's not my neighborhood.) I need to get another digital camera to keep with me all the time. If you look, beauty is everywhere.

Yes, it's the endless hanky edging. I'm seeing that The End Is Near. I have about 30 repeats of this little motif to go, plus the corner and finishing. (In this round, each side has 40 motifs plus the corners.) And cleaning and blocking. The wedding is October 10. I've got to get this done THIS WEEKEND!

One of Moe's teachers called me about Moe kicking another student repeatedly. Moe is not 5. Moe is almost 13. This is bad. Moe is being punished, and has detention at school. I dread those school phone calls.

The most fun I've had this week was watching Glee with Curly. (Curly is in the school's chorus and is singing the solo in this song, featured in the pilot.) This week - Kristin Chenoweth and several awesome musical numbers. Please, oh please make Ms. Chenoweth a regular! Favorite line this week - "He looks like an 11-year-old milkmaid." Below is the best of the musical numbers - a terrific version of Queen's Somebody To Love. And I DO love it.....

And now, back to your regularly scheduled daily grind.


  1. I'm so glad i'm retired and don't have to get up early, drive to work, teach all day, come home and do house work! I can get up and sew all day, well, some days anyway. Beatiful sky. Is Curly someone you know?

  2. That sunset does look fabulous! That is a nice neighborhood! The hanky edging looks divine! ☺

    Hope you are able to tolerate work and the drive as long as you need to.