Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy happy, Joy joy

I'm a happy camper!

And why?

It's not because of Curly and his fun.  I took Curly to see Dr. W and got Curly's medicine changed.  Hopefully things will be better for Curly.  But no Valium for me.  Damn.

It's not because of Moe and his fun.  Moe is working hard to remain in 7th grade forever.  I can't get him to write anything to save my neck.  He refuses to do homework.  I finally found something to motivate him - the threat of withholding birthday party and presents.  His birthday is this weekend - what can I use after that?

It's not because of work.  Like any of that is fun.  (My brother in law's theory of work is - if it wasn't shit, they wouldn't pay you.  And it's true.) (If it was fun, it wouldn't be called WORK.) I finally moved into the other building and unpacked my boxes today.  I did get a bonus when I moved - they gave me a flat screen monitor, instead of that humongous boat anchor I've been staring at.  Here's where I live at work:

Not great, but not awful.  Some folks are sharing. I supervise a group, so I rate a better space, no sharing for me.  And I found a place to hang a certification or two.  Added bonus - I can stand up and see a window.  Woo-hoo!  (You just don't know.  I've been in the interior of a converted factory for over 3 years.  This is a step up)

Unfortunately, my user community is quickly discovering where I live in the building.  Damn.  They hunt me down like a dog.  Can't a girl have a peaceful day?

I'm not happy because of watching Mad Men either, though it was mighty good last night.  And I went out to turn myself into a Mad Men character online - see how cute I am?  I'm sure you'll recognize me when we meet.

Mmm, that's a good cupa joe.

No, I'm happy because the mailman came and left me a package!  For little ol' me.  A special prize - that I won on LadyShuttleMaker's last Mondo Monday Giveaway.  I won this:

Yup, it's one of her precious and wonderful handmade ceramic shuttles!!!  Isn't it gorgeous?

Hmm, what should I tat with it?  I've shown you some of LadyShuttleMaker's lovely Marina HDT (purchsed earlier on  Maybe I'll use that.  I've come up with a cool idea for tatting something nifty for presents and I'll share it with you on another post.  The possibilites are endless.

Cisco and I have finished my latest version of Mary Konior's large cross.  I'll post it later.  Now I'm working on tatting up another cross of my own design.  I hope to have that pattern for you very soon!

Hey - you can be a winner like me!  Hop on over to LadyShutlemaker's blog and enter to win this week's prize - a great bead spinner.  Ooooo I wonder if it would be too greedy of me to enter?

And so - a little Happy happy, joy joy - with Ren and Stimpy! Enjoy!

Happy, happy, joy, joy

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  1. Take your shuttlium and call me in the morning...ha ha ha.

    I love that song Happy Happy Joy Joy Joy, LOL! I am too tired to stay up and watch your vid, but I just wanted to say hello, ((Hugs)) and g'night!

  2. Ren and Stimpy have been big favorites of mine every since the cartoon came out on Nick. The Stooges love them!

  3. Not heard of Ren and Stimpy - perhaps they have not been exported over here? Anyway just dropped by to say congratulations on your win, that is a shuttle to treasure and the HDT is something special too. Hope you have a better week.

  4. Good for you! You deserve a "good" something to come your way!