Thursday, October 22, 2009

My desk and other things

This little guy lives on my desk.  I got him at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC a few years ago.  His name is "Refusing to Listen (Evil Too)".  This is what some of my users at work are like, not wanting to hear.  Grrr.

For example, a sweet person just emailed me saying she couldn't create a requisition, a function she can do in the software I support.  She sent me a screen shot and the Create Requisition button was not active.  Are you in Inquiry mode? sez I.  No, it's not working!!!!  So I tested it - works fine.  Check again - I think you're in Inquiry mode & you can't create anything in Inquiry.  In a minute she gets back to me. Oh, she says.  Guess I was in Inquiry, sez she.  Well, duh.

Take you fingers out of your ears!!!

The Stooges have this same problem, and often.  Makes me want to smack 'em.

Oooo - have you seen the latest that LadyShuttleMaker's offering in her Etsy store?  She's made these really cool retractable crochet hook thingies to aid in tatting!!!  She calls them Hook Pens - and they are the bomb.

MUST. RESTRAIN. FROM. BUYING. (I am poor at the moment from the wedding weekend.) (And I have to buy a new desktop computer SOON.)  But oh, I want one.

And....have you figured out what to wear for your Halloween costume?  Why not go with current events and be - Balloon Boy!

Yes, you too can be part of this news/reality show phenomenon.  For only $19.99, you can be Balloon Boy in your own neighborhood. (Helicopter pursuit squad not included.)  (I wish I were making this up - see more here.)  So much cheaper than the actual Balloon Boy's wierd family's legal fees, and you can get candy to boot!

And now, in tribute to Jen's funny contest where the answer was Bong State Recreation Area, here is my mug from Big Bone Lick State Park.  This is not a made up place.  DH calls me every time he has to go that way when he travels, and we giggle.  He got me this mug.  I use it in my office.  Curly got a T-shirt, and TPTB have banned him from it wearing at school.

They have mastadon bones at the park and there's a big natural salt lick. 

What?  Did you think it meant something else?  You people.....

I really am tatting a bit these days....


  1. You have the greatest sense of humor of anyone I "know." The quotation marks are because literally I don't really know you, but I feel like I do.

  2. Julia - you are too kind to little ol' me. Mostly tho, I ain't right in the head.

  3. Love the little gargoyle..

    Maybe you can help. I can't seem to leave messages on your blog....

    : )))