Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sky views

I love looking at the sky.  I wish I had a really good camera to show all that I see.  My camera's ok - it's a Canon PowerShot - but it ain't great.  It'll have to do though.

Sometimes I see nifty stuff in the sky going home.  I stopped to pick up pizza for the Stooges the other day and saw this. Pretty.

And I looked the other way, and the clouds were doing the neatest thing.

The clouds were going crossways.  It was too cool, like God was weaving using the clouds as threads.

I'm loving the sunrises on pretty days.  This was today's sunrise as I was driving in.

Yes, yes, yes, that's my dashboard and I'm driving, doing sixty something.  Don't think about that.  Look at that sky!

Sunrise as I'm coming into the city.  Ya'll, it was gorgeous.  (Click on the pictures to see them BIG.)  See the downtown skyline ahead?  Gotta go past it. Many miles before I get there.  I have a hefty commute - thirty miles one way when I'm driving, twenty when I take the train.  (There are no subways out here in the Hot'lana 'burbs, ya'll.  Just malls and trees and deer.  Oh yeah - and subdivisions.)

(Didja notice that I believe in maintaining safe distance when driving?  I do. It saves me.  I had an accident in 2003 - but that was the first one where I was at fault since the summer of 1975.  No lie.  And no moving violation tickets - EVER.) (DH swears I'm lucky 'cause it's well known that I have a lead foot.)

Oh - did you want to see some tatting?  Okay - here's the Mary Konior large cross that Cisco was helping me with recently.  I think Sophie may have contributed some of her hair to be tatted in too.  This is done in Lizbeth's Grape Pizazz, size 20.

I may give this to my sister.  I missed her birthday in all the hoo-haa over my brother's wedding.  But there may be someone who really needs this.  I'll see.

And here's a sample of the other thing I'm tatting.

HA!  That's all I'll show you until it's done!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous skies!!! I too like to look at the sky. I love to see things in the clouds.