Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm a winner!!!!

I never win anything.  I've bought lotto tickets galore - I never even win a free ticket.

But not today.  Today I'm a winner!

Here's what I won

Yup, I'm this week's winner of LadyShuttleMaker's Mondo Monday Giveaway.  How great is that?  I've positively drooled over her shuttles.  And now this pretty one will be mine.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Miss LadyShuttleMaker.  You made my day.  You are so very generous with your talents.

And Internets, YOU can be a winner too.  Just hop on over to LadyShuttleMaker's place and enter.  It's easy as pie!  And who knows? Maybe you'll win this Monday's prize!

I kinda needed a pick-me-up.  DH is out of town all week, so I'm manning the fort against the heathens.  After I drove home from Charleston on Sunday with grumpy Curly in the car ("Don't TOUCH me!" "Don't TALK to me!" "Why won't you let me DRIVE?!"), I came home to find two disasters.  One was immediately apparent - none of the cats were in the house.  Cisco and Sophie were quickly located, but Larry's cat, Sylvia, has not been seen.  We found some of her under-fur in the front yard and we have coyotes here, so I fear the worst.  Larry didn't go with us - he had to work, but otherwise was home, so he should have paid attention.  And she's his cat.  I can't think about it, though.

The other disaster only became apparent after I went grocery shopping and we went to put groceries in the large chest freezer.  That's when we found it was completely defrosted.  It was plugged into a special power strip and the strip had gotten tripped, probably on Thursday or Friday.  I was able to rescue a ham and about $20 worth of meats and vegies, but that's it.  After I finished pitching stuff, there was a soup of melted ice, popsicles, and ice cream in the bottom that had to be cleaned out right then.  Ugh.  What a mess.  The freezer had been mostly full, and I'll bet I lost $400 worth of food.  After that, watching Mad Men wasn't much solace.  Monday I got to work and was told I have to move my personal office to a cube in another building on Thursday - get your own boxes to pack your stuff.  It's great working for a semi-governmental agency.


Last night Curly threw another one of his fits and sorta lost his little mind.  He smashed his acoustic guitar on the sidewalk and talked about suicide.  The triggers were A) not getting a solo in chorus and B) me turning off his cell phone when he flat out refused to do his chores. I finally got him calmed down and into bed, but I thought for a while I might be spending another night doing intake at a local adolescent psychatric institute, something I've had to do before.  The suicide talk I take seriously, but he assured me that his thoughts on this were not current, he was talking of old thoughts.  I checked to make sure he was asleep before I could go to bed.

Being Curly's mom is hard. 

DH isn't very helpful with when Curly gets like this, he mostly yells.  As parents, we all do what we know, and DH had some pretty bad parenting examples.  His stepfather didn't have clue how to deal with teens. He just screamed at them. DH means well, he's just clueless.  So it's up to me.

Curly's a bit better today.  He taped his guitar back together and is now composing a new song. (He's very creative and really writes terrific lyrics - and I've told him so.)  And he has an appointment with his psychiatrist Saturday.  We will be making some medication changes.

I'm fairly stressed, but will be ok.  It's nothing I haven't dealt with before.  And this is one reason I can't tat (or do some other things) as often as I'd like.

Tomorrow - packing my office.  And as Scarlet O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Anyhow, thanks, LadyShuttleMaker, for making my day BETTER!


  1. Congratulations!...or should I say...conTATulations ar ar ar!!!

  2. Congrats on being a winner! I'm glad your son was able to calm down. Those are some scary things to have running through your mind, we all worry about our kids. I wish you the best in finding the missing kitty...

  3. First, I'm glad you won the shuttle. I love her shuttles!

    Secondly, I'm proud of you as a Mother because you are proactive with a troubled boy. When my late daughter, Lori, was 9 I began to see behaviors that I knew were not acceptable. But this was in the early 60's and help for children was rare (unless one was fairly wealthy). Lori's personality disorder finally led to drug use (so she could 'maintain') and at the age of 51 she died from pneumonia and complications (all derived from years of drug use). I never saw my daughter again ~ the last time I saw her was in 1996 and she was strung out on heroin.
    So that is why I admire your proactive stance.
    There is no feeling so helpless as to know of a problem and not be able to address it ~ my DH, too, came from a dysfunctional family that resorted to yelling (the Dad) or denial (the mother).
    My only consolation right this moment is that Lori was a believer and through it all kept her Bible, attended Calvary Chapel when she was in a good space and played the piano there.
    I will pray for Curly and for you to have 'strength as your day."
    X Bev

  4. Many many congratulations on winning the shuttle, things like that really make a difference in life especially when you need a boost.

  5. So glad that you won the shuttle and that it helped you to get through a difficult day.
    The pool of ice lollipops and assorted stuff in the bottom of the freezer sounds oh so familiar. These things are sent to try us, just focus on the important stuff.

  6. I am so sorry about all of your misfortunes. It has to be extremely disheartening to see your child in such a state! I am glad your are taking the talk of suicide seriously. I learned the hard way, with a 6th grade student, that anything they say in this realm should be taken seriously. On of my best friend's son just took his life a couple of weeks ago. There couldn't possibly be anything worse to endure. I'm sorry your husband doesn't know how to deal with your son's problems any better. You need all the support you can get. I hope you will seek help for yourself as well.
    I'm glad that you won that beautiful shuttle. A small solice in the face of such struggles.

  7. Thanks folks, I really appreciate your support. We've been through this before, and Curly has spent time in a local adolescent mental health facility. He's been medicated and getting therapy for some time, I just think it's evident that the medications need to change. This is genetic - runs deep in my family. As for me, well I sort of abuse my friends and freely vent about this. Plus my church is supportive.

    But I DO appreciate all the support.