Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday and Thanksgiving wrap up

I did a very minor bit of shopping today.  I bought one item at 5 am online (I went right back to bed - shopping in my nighties is the way to do it) and a few items at 2 stores, not the big box kind. And I put things back - I spent less than $100.

Yesterday was good.  The only really interesting thing happened during preparations.  I use a brown-in bag for the turkey - I swear by them.  I don't try to carve at the table, so having the look of beautiful bird is of no importance to me.  I'm nore interested in the taste of the turkey and how juicy it is.  That, and all the yummy juices which I use in the dressing and giblet gravy.

Anyhow, the 23 lb turkey was removed from the oven and allowed to rest for a few minutes.  I called DH to help me drain the precious, delicious juices.  I was pretty distracted because I was running behind.  I got a bowl and DH hoisted said fowl and got the juices running into the bowl.  All was good.

Until the brown-in bag that DH was holding the turkey by broke and the turkey - and its juices - escaped.

(You saw that coming, didn't you?)

The good part is the turkey did not hit the floor.  It hit the counter.  And the bowl I was holding to catch the goodness.

Most of the yummy juices went on the counter and the cabinets and the floor.  Some hit my clothes.  (I fortunately was still in cruddy clothes that I had cooked in all morning.)

DH immediately went about cleaning up the mess, calling for towels and lots of them.  He wisely sent me upstairs to change clothes and take a breath.

I did not have a fit.  I thought this was pretty adult of me.

I came down in company clothing, put the remaining turkey juices in the gravy, and used organic commercial stock for the dressing.  I was so rattled by all of this that I was late in putting my rice on, so folks had to wait until they went back for seconds before the rice was ready.

The turkey was slightly damaged, but not much.  It stayed together, and carved up nicely.

All things considered, things were good.  Everyone enjoyed the meal.  My friend S brought some wine, hors d'oeuvres, 2 pies, and squash casserole.  I fixed turkey, rice and giblet gravy, dressing (a ton of it), fresh green beans, steamed brocolli with a sauce, sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, and rolls.  And it was all good.

There was no fighting, no biting.  The table conversation was pleasant and did not veer into the dangerous political relm. DH sweetly cleaned up after the meal, bless him.  We laid around for a while.  Then we ate pie.

It was a good day.

Also - here is the latest necklace I've tatted, a present for a sibling.

Hope your weekend is good....


  1. Lol, our meal went off without a hitch, but when we got home my poor hubby dumped my entire tatting basket in the driveway in the rain.

    After collecting all the bead containers and umpteen balls of thread, they were examined and were unscathed.

    Looks like both our crises were averted.

  2. Goodness me both you and Krystle had a crisis! Pleased they both had a happy ending - not good for our nerves though, can imagine the conversations that went on during these stressful times!!!!

  3. Sorry forgot to say the necklace is very elegant, the crystals sparkle.

  4. The necklace is fab and the day didn't turn out to badly in the end. Your dinner sounds yummy.
    Gosh Krystle weren't you lucky that the beads didn't spill out!!

  5. Aw, poor you - but it worked out okay and your necklace is lovely!

  6. Makes for a great story! Love the necklace - it is very simple and elegant. Lucky sibling!
    Fox : )

  7. I did see that coming. At least it did NOT hit the floor and it did not go out the window (mad about you episode) LOL. Glad the DH (I don't know what that means) helped clean up. Mine is like that. I Love the Necklace. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. What is your favorite pie?

  8. I'm so glad you were able to stay calm, that your husband was able to clean things up, and that the rice was done in time for 2nds! Sounds like a successful day.
    That necklace would sell for a WHOLE LOT OF $$$$$! You really should think about selling them.
    I am still working on my next post. I had it halfway done when my husband called me up to do something. My daughter left last night and my sister is leaving in about an hour, so maybe after lunch I'll get to pass the award on.

  9. Thanks guys! You are super encouraging...

  10. Just reading this. I hereby nominate you for Thanksgiving sainthood for not losing it when the turkey fell.

    We did a "pot luck" TG at a friend's house and I made my famous sweet potato cheesecake which was a big hit. We helped clean up and then went home to a clean house.


    Glad your day ended up well. Your table was beautiful!


  11. I just love reading your blog! Never know what adventure you may have posted! Table was lovely, looks like you had a great time the cat, the dog and pups and of course the chickens...oh, beautiful necklace too!