Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wednesday Miscellany, depressing version

  • Does your head keep a background song running, a song that's just STUCK there? Mine does. The current one is "My Baby Takes The Morning Train". At least it's a fun song; I've had days when all my head played was "It's A Small World". That was BAD.
  • Either I forgot to take major amounts of anti-depressants or I'm plunging into a serious funk. Maybe both. Curly's latest saying when he's upset is "Fuck my life". I sort of agree. I'm hating work these days.  Found out that what happened to me when they reversed my acting position has happened to seveal other people at this firm.  Great.
  • I'm trying to get my siblings to commit to a date to get together around Christmas. My brother can't come - their baby is due in mid-January, so they're in Boston for the holiday. My mom is being a butt about Christmas, declaring bah humbug to the whole thing, except for small gifts for the grandchildren. So I'm trying to get my 2 sisters to agree to meet. They way they're acting, you'd think I wanted to extract their teeth with giant pliers and no novocaine or something. The thing is, they want to get together, but they want to do it on the fly, because one doesn't work and the other teaches college and has a very flexible schedule. So they can decide on a day's notice that they want to go somewhere. And that doesn't work for me, as I work in the corporate world, a world of scheduled time off. Gotta plan. Got to schedule. And I don't think this is asking too much for me to want to plan this.
  • I asked the Stooges for Christmas lists and told them our financial restrictions. Larry and Moe gave me short lists with inexpensive items. Bless them. Curly gave me a list a mile long that was annotated with asterics and notes (***Must have!) (I really want this!!!!) (**Need Clothes! and he puts about 15 must have items). He's now showing me pictures of GPS systems that he feels he MUST have when he turns 18 in May. He doesn't have a car, or even a driver's license, but got to have that GPS! This from someone with no job....
  • Poor Larry.  The president of his company came by the warehouse he works in.  This guy is a micro-manager of the worst kind, and what he says GOES.  He had it in his head that Larry had his feet on the desk in the warehouse office. (And Larry didn't.)  So this jerk fired Larry.  Without an explanation.
  • The neighbors are putting up tons of Christmas decorations and I won't put up mine yet. Too early. I don't want to hate my decorations by December 25th. What I DO hate is those god-awful blow up yard decorations. There are folks near us who ascribe to the philosophy of "more is more" and so their yard's population of crappy inflatable yard crap is really ginormous.  Bleh. 

  • Really - could it get any worse?  Gives me the hebbe gebbes.

Ho Ho Ho BARF!



  1. Hang in There! I'll continue keeping you in my prayers. There are days where I can agree with Curly. Too Much sometimes with all kinds of things.

  2. Oh, I feel ya on the bah HUMBUG side. Whoever thought up those blow up things needs a good beating. I'm another one who puts up the decorations two weeks before and has them down the day after. Really, the day after.

    Things will get better. I've been reading about your job situation and my stomach clenched when I read what they did. There is something better out there for you and you WILL find it. Then that place will be nothing but a faint memory.

    You and the Stooges hang in there and have fun Christmas shopping!

  3. I haven't felt the true Christmas spirit yet, either. We're going out West for Christmas to see one of our daughters. I felt really bad when I told my mom, but she took it well. My sister is so sick that she needs to stay home, but won't. My brother will visit my mom on Christmas Day. Thank goodness. My niece is getting married one week before Christmas in Nashville, a good 2 1/2 hour drive away and we have to go the day before. Too much going on at church this season!!! No decorations out. I hate the blowups too, but decided that "what ever floats your boat" is my philosophy about that stuff. I will put up a tree, but that may be it this year.
    Grumpy Bear has moved into my house.

  4. Thanks...... now I can't get that song out of my mind too.. :)

  5. I know this is a bummer post but I can still gleen your sense of humour through it. Let's hope for a better 2010.