Thursday, December 3, 2009

On towards the weekend

The puppies are getting bigger and starting to open their eyes.  I'm not a dog person - but they are kinda cute.  The mama is taking fine care of them.  Moe is holding the pup Curly has laid claim to.  He's named this one Rocket.  Isn't he chubby?

Friday night I'm getting to escape and have some fun with some college buddies.  We're going to meet at a friend's home in metro Atlanta for some fun and food and memories.  I get together with these folks about every 3 months or so.  It's nice to be able to escape and enjoy folks who knew you back when.  No pretences.  Heck, I've all of them in curlers and night gowns. We're not putting on any shows for each other now.  It's nice to have friends you can relax with.

Sophie is enjoying the box that my recent Handy Hands shipment came in today.  (I needed some colors of Lizbeth that I couldn't get at the local Hobby Lobby, and a couple of new Sew Mate shuttles.) (Like I really needed shuttles....)  I'm glad she's in the box - she had been trying to wedge herself into my purse.  I don't know why she likes a box.  I guess she likes to feel held.  I'm feeling held down by her at night - she wants to sleep on me, and scrambles to stay on top even when I roll over.  When I pull the comforter up high. she tries to sleep on my head.  Makes me feel like Hungry Joe in Catch-22. (Now look that up!)

Finally - what is with people who die their hair in designs not known in nature?  Especially folks over college age.  I saw this woman in my grocery over the weekend.  She was in her 50's and had gray and black hair on top, and her hair was dyed red, almost fuscia on the bottom.  Not a good picture - snagged on the fly with my cell phone.  Wierd, huh?

Still tatting necklaces and Christmas ornaments....


  1. The evening with your college friends sounds like fun!! We're going to a charity event that we have to dress up for and all that. It will be fun though, if my cold is gone.
    Our cat is the same way. If there is a box, a piece of paper, a pile of laundry, etc... you can be sure that's where you'll find her.
    Weird hair!!! Why?

  2. Oh, my sister does that...she has blond hair with a 1 inch dark strip on either sides just behind her bangs. I hate it, hate it, hate it, because it looks like someone messed up the highlighting job. However pink hair or blue hair etc., doesn't really bother me...just the stripes

  3. When I was vacationing in Australia a few years ago, I several women around my age (56 then) with muliticolored hair and no one seemed to question it. I guess it's a cultural expectation. Like only wearing white shoes & gloves during a certain season used to be. Used to be even "highlighted" hair here was frowned upon.