Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mid-week miscellany

Curly had a great time singing at his concert last week.  It was a good day for him.  All the girls screamed.

Curly had a rough day today.  He had some issues in school and ended up with 2 days of in-school suspension.  The really bad part is that this offense may mean he can't go to the alternative high school program he wants too.  He was really upset when I came home today.  Fortunately, I had to come home early to take him to his therapist, and Curly was in a better mood after his hour of therapy.  Whew.  Disaster averted - for now.

DH is in Huntsville for the week, again.  Whee! The kitties love it when he's gone.  They love his side of the bed.

DH will get his turn with the Stooges next week.  He's on vacation then while the younger two are out of school. 

I'm tatting lots of Christmas presents, keeping my fingers busy on the train.  I see lots of interesting things on the train.  Today, I saw a guy wearing these wierd pointed, almost elfin shoes.  They were seamed straight up the front from the toe to the ankle.

Tomorrow I have to go to the orthopod.  I may have torn my rotator cuff in my left shoulder.  It hurts a lot - and I have a very high pain tolerance.  So I'll go and get irradiated tomorrow, at least the shoulder.  I always check out the X-rays myself.  I've gotten very good at reading them.  Lots of practice with the Stooges.

And Moe likes the chickens - especially the little red hen!  She's very soft...


  1. I can see why all the girls screamed for curly...and I love mo's chicken!

  2. The only thing I can think of why the girls were screaming at Curly was because he had to be singing Elvis Presley, Right? LOL, I am a huge fan of Elvis. Glad he enjoys it. Let me know about the rotator cuff. I went to the Knee dr. today, he says do physical therapy first for this torn minicus I have. YUCK! Happy Tatting.

  3. Curly looks like a cute kid...from what I can see in the blurry photo, LOL! No wonder he had the chickies screamin'! Glad the therapy helped him.