Thursday, November 19, 2009

Random Thursday

I went to the Orthopod today and got nine x-rays.  Four on my knee and five on my shoulder.  (It was supposed to be three and three, but they had to do retakes.  At one point they did retakes because my bobby pins - my hair is in a bun today - got in the way.) (Really.)  The nice Dr. Orthopod declared me just old, that is to say, full of arthritis.  He stick a big needle in my shoulder joint and shoved cortisone in it and sent me on my way.

It's better than surgery.  I'll take it.

The chickens are enjoying fall.  And we are enjoying their eggs.

Curly has been getting calls and letters from a small private college in the northern part of the state.  They had reps at his concert, and they have asked him to audition for a music scholarship. A scholarship is the only way he'd get to go there, as we all know private colleges aren't cheap.  At this point it will take a miracle just for him to get into college, any college.  I've told him to go for it - maybe that miracle will occur.

The month has been designated "No Shave November" by Curly.  He's looking pretty damn disreputable.

That big sucking noise you hear coming from the vicinity of Atlanta is the empty place formerly known as my checking account.  Please God, don't let anything bad happen to us for a while. I've told the kids that Christmas will be very tight.  I have a feeling they don't really believe me.  What can we do instead?  We can have LARD!

I'm sorry - that was really random.  But something about that picture makes me giggle.  A lot.

I got a replacement credit card (speaking of money, HA!) that has a picture of a cat I used to have on it.  You've seen the picture - it's my avitar.  Sam was the finest cat I ever had.  I've never had a cat that loved me like she did.  She was the BEST.  She was my girl.

And I'm tatting and tatting Christmas presents and ornaments and planning for Thanksgiving.  I have a 23 lb. turkey in my freezer right now, the biggest I could find for cheap.  We always have a bunch of folks come to our house for Thanksgiving, lots of friends and relatives.  We eat on the fine china, so I need to polish some silver soon.   I make a good Southern meal, with roast turkey and cornbread dressing (no stuffing!), rice with giblet gravy (South Carolina natives have rice instead of potaoes), green beans, cranberry jelly, sweet potato casserole, lotsa other veggies, pumpkin bread, and whatever else I can throw out there.  My guests usually bring some dessert, which we eat later, 'cause folks are too full after eating third helpings. 

The Stooges are salivating at the thought of Thanksgiving.  They lurve my turkey and dressing.  And I have to say, I make some damn fine dressing.  Mmm.  I can't wait either.

And Thanksgiving means I get some time off from work!!!! Yea!  I need it!

Ow.  I just moved my OLD shoulder wrong.  Best go rest it.


  1. Great post, the lard advert is a killer....literally, had me in stitches!

  2. A friend of mine who has three kids told me that her kids are not getting any stuff for Christmas. They are getting music lessons, etc...

  3. I love your post. I hope everything works out with the pain, shots, etc. The lard pic was very funny too.

  4. Hope your knee and shoulder get feeling better.
    Good luck to Curly and the music audition. I hope he does go for it!
    That kitty is so sweet looking.
    Looking forward to pics of your tatting! :)