Sunday, November 22, 2009

Scott Adams knows my life

What was the date of Friday?  It sure as hell felt like Friday the 13th.  Not a good day.  Not good at all.

My life has turned into something very close to a Dilbert comic.  This is the one from November 16th.

Here's why it's my life.

For the last 20 months I've been working as an "acting" lead/supervisor for my technical group.  I've been told I'm to get the real job as soon as they post it, and they have never posted the job.  Since I've been officially "acting", I've been getting the extra pay as if I really had the job.  But TPTB keep jerking me around on posting the job.

Friday my boss pulled me into her office and told me that I was no longer being the "acting" person, that I didn't have the technical skills.  (Funny how I had the skills all along.) Now, I've never had a bad review and the user community I support (all the core financials, GL, AP, Purchasing, etc.) loves me.  So it seems that my management wants someone who have the skill set of my Oracle contractors (who make $50K more than I do and won't take the salary cut) plus have the interpersonal/ manager skills to be the lead.  Frankly, I have more technical skills than the people who actually hold lead positions in my area.  AND the little PC girlie I mentioned before?  She's been given twice the technical training - on the company dime - that I have.  And I'm a regular employee, she's a contractor.  I've begged for extra training.

Anyhow, my paycheck is suddenly being shorted $500 a month.  At a time when things were really, really short to begin with.

And then my boss asked me if I would mind continuing doing the job without the pay. 

And of course my response was an emphatic NO.  Those folks have brass balls.

I told my boss I was leaving for the day to work on my resume.  I cried all the way home.

After I got home, the middle school called me to tell me that Moe had gotten into a fight and would be receiving in-school suspension for two days.

And then we discovered the problem with our dog Abby. 

We've had Abby for over 2 years.  She was full grown when we got her from her prior owner.  The vet checked her out, saying she was in fine health and had been spayed.  She's sweet and very good natured, a smart dog.  She's a golden retriever/chow mix.

At supper time we discovered that Abby had given birth to four puppies that look suspiciously like the white pit bull up the street.  Damn.  All I can see is money being spent.  Shots, puppy food, spaying, etc.

Abby's a good mom and is very protective of the puppies.  She's an outside dog, but we've brought her and the pups into the basement.  Of course, the Stooges are delighted about puppies.

They weren't so happy when I told them about the money situation and how it will impact Christmas.  I'm still employed, but this is a real bite.  And this economy is so bad right now.....

We'll manage.  We always do.


  1. SO sorry to hear of your "retrograde" luck. (As in "mercury must be in retrograde," because this is rotten luck!)

    When the puppies are old enough, can you sell them to a bit of a financial payback?

  2. Hi, I am sorry to hear about everything. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Keep a chin up.

  3. What nerve your company/boss whomever had to make such a decision about your job! I am so sorry about your awful day.

  4. Yeah. You'll be okay, but I'm still sending a hug.

  5. Thanks everyone - it means a lot. I'm trying to make the best of things and not be too bitter. It's great to have such good support from all of you.

  6. They figure that because the economy is bad they can take advantage of you. If they won't pay you for the work then obviously they don't need you to do it. Its not worth the agravation.

  7. sorry about the job situation that sucks!! And about Abby awwww congrats I guess puppies are cute and loveable I can imagine they will grow on ya and maybe you should name one crappie after the day you had ;) sorry bad joke hee hee
    Cheer up