Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Almost Christmas

Shopping is done.  I made a trip to the mall and went to the book store.  (I hate the mall - the only reason I ever go is to buy books/go to book club, or go to the movies.)  This was my only trip this Christmas season.  I'm so glad I'm done with the damn shopping.

Today and yesterday my company's lobby was jam packed with toys and bicycles which were given away to needie kids.  Many bicycles.

Lots and lots of bicycles. 

The smell of plastic and a zillion tires assaulted my nostrils for 2 days. 

But it was all for a good cause.  The bikes and the toys were bought by the employee-run charity; they do this every year.  It's a good thing for the community.

I'm having to take my laptop in to work while my work PC is being fixed.  So I'm bringing it in a rolling backpack, which will also hold my lunch.  When I unpacked my bag this evening, Sophie got really interested in the backpack.  Sophie loves to be in a box or some sort of small container.

Sophie tried to get in my backpack.

She failed.  So she wedged herself into my purse, and she's been happy ever since.  Silly kitty.  Hee.

And I'm hoping my mom will be able to come down from NC for Christmas.  But she's snowed and iced in - and there is more snow coming Christmas Eve.  It's mighty pretty, but it's sooo icey and the road she lives on (on top of the mountain) doesn't get hardly any sun.

But it's so lovely.  Wish I had this view.

Still no baking done....


  1. happy Christmas, It will all get done! Love the snow pictures.

  2. I love those pictures of the bikes.

    Happy and merry!

  3. That's really impressive how much your company's employees are doing to help the needy kids.

    Could you contact me sometime on how to use the WayBack Machine for old websites? Thanks