Monday, December 21, 2009

Checking off my list

Done - Tree decorated.  House decorated.

Done - Christmas pictures of the Stooges in front of the tree.  Also printed out a gazillion copies to put in family Christmas cards.  (Here's an out-take, with Moe and Curly horsing around.)

In Progress - Christmas cards with the above pictures.  I figure as long as they are out before the New Year, I'm good.  After all, it won't be Old Christmas for a while.

Mostly done - Christmas shopping.  I may get a few items at the bookstore, but that's all.

Started - Wrapping presents.  I've done about 15.  The pile isn't too bad, especially since we cut back this year.

Not started - Christmas baking.  I make fudge, 5 kinds of cookies, 2 kinds of sweet bread, and sometimes flavored pecans.  No one makes me - I just like to do it and share.  The Stooges (and their cousins and the neighbors, especially Bubba) wait for this and drool in anticipation.

I think that's it.  I'm working through Christmas Eve.  I'm on furlough after that, going back the first Monday in January.  The only really good thing about being on furlough is the office can't call me.  This is good - I'm normally on 24 hour call.

Larry has successfully  finished all the parts of his EMT-I exam and is awaiting the arrival of his license so he can really job hunt.

On another note, the puppies are getting big and FAT.  They are a little over a month old now.  The boys have been named Rocket and Beauregard, and the girls are Roxie and Butercup (she's the white one).  Beauregard is the most wrinkly.

And Rocket is the biggest and has the longest hair.  Curly thinks he looks like a bear.

I was working from home today (my work PC tried to die on me and is in the hands of tech support), when I overheard this conversation between DH and Curly (who is 17)
Curly (looking at Boy's Life): Hey Dad, this 16 year old kid sailed by himself for a year.  That's so cool!  Can I sail by myself for a year?
DH: Sure, when you're 16.
DH is a card.

On a sorta sad note, we no longer posess suburban free range chickens.  A neighbor complained too vocally, and they went to DH's sister's yard.  I'll miss the eggs.  DH and Moe will miss just having them. They were kind of sweet. 

Bwaaaaack.  That's a chicken noise, isn't it?


  1. You are very funny! I am sorry about your chickens, though. It sounds as if you are almost finished with your list. The baking sounds pretty ominous to me, though. I made about three kinds of sweet things before my daughter and her kiddies got here and I have eaten lots of them by myself. I did take a big tray to the nursing home and gave the girls some for their ride home, took some to my mom and some to the inlaws, but I made sure there were enough for me!!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  2. That response from your DH "Yeah, when you're 16" kills me! LOL! What a hoot, he does sound like a card.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!