Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rambling Thursday

I am working from home today due to the memorial service I have to attend mid-day. 

So I'm sitting at my desk and freezing.  I have an automatic thermostat and it sets the temp back after the time people normally go to work.  So I'm sitting here and it's cold and I'm thinking why did I set this to be so COLD and maybe I should up the temp but no that would be wasteful for just me and the cats and I can't feel my toes and damn how did it get so cold I should put on a sweater I can't feel my toes oh I don't have shoes on much less socks maybe I should do something about this WTF was I thinking about this temp I want a cat to come sit on my feet my rings are falling off because my hands are so cold and what good are these cats anyway they don't do anything to keep me warm after all I feed them and what to I get for it but a dirty litter box and fur covered clothing but my toes are still cold maybe I need a snuggie for feet and now I understand why cats wrap their tails around their toes to keep WARM and I have too much Xmas shopping to do and I haven't wrapped anything but my back is starting to get cold where's a blanket and maybe I'll go turn up the thermostat NOW.

(scurry scurry)  (furnace noises)

Whew.  Better.

I'm testing some some work things in between other stuff today.  (Database version upgrade.)  And I'm once again at my wits end with Curly.  I caught him smoking pot out behind the house this morning - he owned up to it after I confronted him.  (I know that smell....)  I'm looking at what to do next.  Larry says that he's certain Curly is doing a lot of drugs and drinking - Larry's friends tell him about seeing Curly at parties, high.  (Curly is sneaking out at night after we go to bed.)  Curly has admitted to doing cocaine.  I want to drug test him, but I'm sure the medication he's on will throw out false readings on in-home tests. And even if I get accurate results, then what?  He's to see his psychiatrist on Saturday, and I'm contacting his therapist to see if he has suggestions.  DH (who had bad up-bringing) is sick of this and wants to throw Curly out of the house when he graduates.  I can't in good conscience do that.  I wish he could do the military option, but they don't take bi-polar folks.  So, I'm between a rock and a hard place.

A funny for today:

Later today - finish decorating the tree.  Here is the tree after Christmas 2 years ago.  Someone did bad.  See if you can find the culprit.



  1. Its cold here also, even tried to snow in England today, but the heating has just come (4.30 pm.)
    Sorry to hear about your problems with Curly - not easy bringing up children these days. Just try and get expert advise.

  2. Your tree looks as if was hit by something worse than a grandchild.
    you are certainly doing your best for Curly.

  3. Ha ha ha! That picture is so funny only because the cat under the chair looks sooo...triumphant and confused all at the same time! LOL! Oh, 'em and at the same time...ugh! I see a broken light green ball, too...yes, I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, though!

    Well, Merry Christmas!
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Wish there was something I could say or do that would really help. I also have a son with bi-polar disorder. He hasn't done illegal drugs but several times he has consumed enough alcohol that he should have died but he survived. He did have sense to turn himself in when he was kicked out of the house where he got drunk last time and turned himself in when he saw he really was too drunk to drive. Because he turned himself in, he was treated as a 1st offense DUI. I understand what you feel about kicking out a wayward child that is by polar. I had an ecclesiastical leader advise me to kick my son out but changed his advise when he considered his bi-polar disorder. They're still our son's, they have a physiological disease that is very difficult to treat and we have to just keep trying to do the best we can. Maybe knowing that you're not the only mom struggling with the same problem helps a little.
    I hope your Christmas turns out merry.