Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bits and pieces

Some tidbits of things going on...

Gorgeous sky on Thursday night.  And I only had my cellphone camera...

It got prettier.

And prettier.

But big weather was on the way. Here's the sunrise on Friday morning.

That's a big storm coming towards the sun, the same storm that dumped snow on OK and TN and lots of other places.  No snow for me, thank heavens.  Just cold rain.

(I know the answer, but do you - what Atlanta attraction is sticking up on either side of the sunrise?*)

I've been tatting, just a bit.

Jon's Chinese Coin bookmark.

And my favorite from the late, great, Mary Konior - her Large Cross from Tatting With Visual Patterns.  Both are done in Lizbeth size 20.

It's been a quiet weekend after a lot of upheaval this week.  I'm very grateful.
Moe was horsing around this evening and sat in this big bucket.

He couldn't get out without help.  Hee.  ("Mom, stop it!  Get me out!" "Let me get my camera...")

There are wierd things in grocery stores these days.  Larry clued me into this funky item.

Baconnaise - bacon flavored mayonaise.  I found it next to the Grey Poupon mustard.  Larry says he's going to get some.  I just can't wrap my mind - or my mouth - around this.

And then I found this little item.  Pretty ironic to find in a grocery store, huh?  Someone could do the store some damage with this.  I wouldn't - this is my regular good store.  But the Stooges would love this, especially Moe.

Here's hoping that my week goes as well as this weekend.  And yours too..

*Answer - some of the roller coasters from Six Flags Over Georgia.


  1. Love the sky shots. Bacon spread sounds strange to me too.

  2. The sky shots are wonderful!!! The bookmark and cross look terrific!!!!

  3. i'm guessing that is 6 Flags? Am I right? Oh yeah, now I see your answer at the bottom of your post. I promise I didn't see it till just now!
    Your tatting still amazes me. We got the snow and some beautiful scenery. I'll post some of the frozen fog on our trees afterwhile. Gotta finish some sewing first. What a funny guy!!

  4. hey, if you don't mind email me again. I cleaned out my email yesterday and accidentally deleted some that I meant to keep.
    Thanks for your comment about my auction dress.