Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Up coming - Show and Tell!

On Friday, my friend Blackbird and I will each play Show and Tell.  And what are we showing?

Why, something we all have (I think) - the contents of our refrigerators!

Mine is not very pretty.  But I will put it out there in all its shameful glory.

Anybody else want to join our little game?  Take picture of the inside your refrigerator and post it on your blog.  If you do, let me or Blackbird know, and we'll link to it.  Then go see everyone's frig!

I promise, seeing my refrigerator will make you feel better about yours.

A caveat: I am the antithesis of a clean freak.  I can put up with a lot of mess.  (I have to - I live with guys!)  But last Friday at work, I couldn't stand it and I PURGED my floor's breakroom refrigerator.  It had obviously not been cleaned in about 3 years and was stuffed with many science experiments.  I had put up a warning note on the 'frig a week before.  So I opened up the 'frig and dumped everything in the trash.  I was ruthless.  Yuck!

It's much nicer in the breakroom now.  And someone left me a nice thank you note on the 'frig.   It's nice to be appreciated.

That said, my refrigerator needs to be wiped down badly.  I'm just warning you in advance.

This is my life:

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