Thursday, January 21, 2010

Breakfast and TIAS

This was my breakfast.  Really.

A hard boiled free range suburban DUCK egg.  That's a penny next to it.  The egg was big.  But it tasted the same as a regular egg.

We gave out free range suburban chickens to my SIL.  She also has ducks, and she shared. Mmmm

On the home front, Larry is employed again.  Not as an EMT - he's still waiting on paperwork to get his state license - but as an overnight stocker at the local grocery.  Hey, it's work. And he's grateful to have it.

I'm working on producing 1099's for my company.  This is part of my regular duties.  I've done 1099's at lots of places.  (For you outside the States, 1099's are a record of types of income outside of earnings.  Contractors get them, also any payments for injury, attorney's fees, etc.)  Kinda tedious, but satisfying when they get done.  I've never come close to being late with producing 1099's.  But years ago I worked at a place that did - really late.  And to avoid the substantial fine they would have to pay, the company illegally backdated a postage meter and dated all the 1099's with an earlier date.  Bad. 

Things are tough at my firm now.  Because of a significant drop in our major revenue source, we are having to cut our current department budget by 27%.  At the moment, my job is safe.  But other departments are having big layoffs, and if we have to cut more, we could have layoffs too.  I'm trying not to think of this.

I did TIAS Day 7.

I think it is FIREWORKS.  Boom!

I'm looking forward to tatting Jon's Chinese Coin Bookmark.  It looks so good....  And now I'm watching Archer....  It's so bad!


  1. I think it's a polar bear with dreadlocks.

  2. Heh heh, fireworks, a polar bear with dreadlocks, to me it looks like a funky rocket blasting off!

    What marvelous imaginations we have, eh? Do you think this is what kept turn of the century tatters occupied during the winter doldrums?

    Hats off to Larry for finding work! So many people across the US aren't so fortunate.